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ZingZillas Toys – This Christmas’ Must-Have Toys

ZingZillas Toys are already being tipped by all leading retailers as this Christmas hot license following in the footsteps in recent years of Teletubies, Waybuloo which was last years big hit and In the Night Garden.

ZingZillas has only been on the cbeebies channel for a few months and has already become a huge cult hit among pre-school children and their parents. The Zingzillas programme is estimated to be watched by more than 200,000 people a day and it has become a massive hit for the BBC and the cbeebies channel which is dedicated to pre-school viewing.

Now you may be asking yourself what actually is ZingZillas? Well they are a group of animals that preform in a band. The ZingZillas are made up of 4 main characters: Zak who is a gorilla, Panzee the chimp, Tang the orangutan and a monkey called Drum who as you may have guessed is the drummer.

In every episode of the programme they are joined by a musical celebrity guest a lot like they used to do on the Muppets Show and at the end of the show they perform a song in the style of that guest.

The ZingZillas toys are going to be among the most-wanted this Christmas with the stand-out toys from the collection being the Play and Groove Zak and Play and Groove Panzee which dance along to their favourite songs from the show and also the interactive talking ZingZillas characters which talk when their tummies are squeezed. I have to admit that these figures are fantastic each comes with 2 different songs, one fast and one slow and they will keep your little ones well entertained after Christmas.

Other highlights from the new toy range include the musical backpacks, the sing along microphone, the big zing guitar and the big zing playset.

If last years Waybuloo toys range was anything to go buy these toys are going to be flying off the shelves this Christmas, so if you have a child who has asked for a Zak or Panzee Play and groove toy this Christmas make sure you don’t leave it too late to start buying or you may be left disappointed.