Wonders of Malaysia – Sipadan Diving Points and Sipadan Marine

Wonders of Malaysia – Sipadan Diving Points and Sipadan Marine Life

Malaysia is a paradise which preserves rare and amazingly varied species of flora and fauna. Not only is Malaysia known for its forests and mountains, but also it is very appreciated for its stunning islands. One of them is Pulau Sipadan, one of the top diving sites in the world. The island is so popular among divers that Sipadan diving sites are taken by storm by the hundreds of tourists who come to Malaysia.

Here scuba diving has remained genuine, unspoiled by any pollution agents and undisturbed by man intervention. To protect the coral reefs, the access to the diving areas has been restricted, unless you get a special permit. This measure protects the marine life and allows you to discover its wonders. The deep waters are teeming with fishes and all kinds of underwater species. This boosts the excitement caused by Sipadan diving.

Diving points

South Point – here the coral reefs are amazing and more colorful than anywhere. If you are lucky you might even see a hammerhead shark.

Barracuda Point – here the main attraction is the barracuda fish. These fishes will create some kind of “vortex” around you; this is really an unequalled sensation.

Turtle Cavern – this is the “weird feast” of Sipadan diving. Before entering the cave, hordes of parrotfish might come to meet you. The cavern’s bottom is embellished with turtle skeletons, resting in this underwater paradise.

If you intend diving in Sipadan be aware of the underwater currents; if you are a beginner, some dive sites here will not suit you. The island features a vertical cliff descending 600m, allowing various species of plants and marine animals to develop. Sipadan Island is uninhabited-only a military camp stands on it, so divers who come to the island’s diving sites must stay either on Mabul or Kapalai Islands.

The weather here is nice and sunny; the sky is blue and the water is clear and appealing. It is said that the best months to come to Sipadan are July and August; anyway, Sipadan diving season offers its best between April and December. The months between January and the beginning of the spring are defined by frequent rains and low visibility. However, if you want to catch a good period, you should make your reservation in advance because spring, summer and winter holidays are very busy seasons.

People come to Sipadan looking for adventure: exciting underwater adventure. And they are not at all disappointed. The island has numerous resorts; it is truly an underwater paradise, populated with amazing species and colorful coral reefs. Recognized as one of the best dive sites in the world, this tiny island is just one of the wonders Malaysia offers us.

Floating in the Celebes Sea (some may say it is in the Sulu Sea but it is not) and providing deep clean water, blue sky, sunny weather and stunning underwater scenery, Sipadan is the divers’ heaven. Sipadan diving points are amazing and the attractions and experience offered by each of them are unique.