Why Many Tourist Come to Bali?

The reason why tourist from many countries coming to Bali probably is the sea, sand and sun of the Bali Beaches. There are so many beautiful beaches like Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Uluwatu, Jimbaran, Dreamland, Candi Dasa, Lovina, Tanah Lot, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida with their beauty panoramic view. That’s Bali, the island surrounded by the Indian Ocean and Java Sea


Kuta is the most popular beaches, accessible, lively and commercialized of Bali ‘s southern beaches. On the south, the beach is fenced by the airport’s runway, which gives you a breathtaking landing experience. The beach stretches as far north as the eyes can see. Kuta is well known for its long sweep of white sand and is a big draw for those who want to test their surfing skills, boogie surf, playing football, with friends or just sea side walk and seeing people.

There are so many events held here such as Kuta Carnivals, Surfing Competition and Volley Ball competition. But Kuta is more for surfing than for swimming and more for parties than for sunbathing, and a visit to Bali is not complete without visiting Kuta Beach and seeing its stunning sunset.

kutasunset Double Six Beach

There are so many expatriates and residents coming to this beach. Normally they swim, sun-bathe, play football or just relax and order some drinks at the restaurants around this white sand beach. At this area, there are some restaurants, bars and clubs, where people can dance till the morning come.

Petitenget Beach

There is a temple at this beach and called ‘Pura Petitenget’ that’s why this beach is called Petitenget. With grey sand, the Petitenget Beach looks very mysterious, tourists rarely come to this beach only the local people come for swimming or playing. But, you still can see a beautiful sunset at this beach

Tuban Beach

Tuban Beach is just five minutes from the airport and from the famous Legian Street. It has white sand and surrounded by five Star hotels between Kuta and the airport. It’s safe to swim here, as the hotels’ lifeguards will put up flags if there are any rips. This is a good place to grab a deck chair and a good book and enjoying the beautiful sunset.

Uluwatu Beach

This exotic beach is set in a sort of cave with cliffs looming above. Uluwatu is famous for its waves that can peel perfectly for hundreds of meters over reef, and are reserved for expert surfers only. Uluwatu has a beautiful sunset that you can see from the top of the hill and you can see the turtles swimming also. However, swimming is inadvisable here.

Padang Padang Beach

Just down the road from Uluwatu is Padang-Padang, which is another enchanting beach nestled into a pocket of lava-rocks, with an entrance to the beach though a cave crevice. This small cove offers famous world-class waves that attract surfers from all over the world. The water is also safe for swimming and snorkeling. The beach is small but the setting is enchanting and memorable, and like Uluwatu has warungs for drinks and snacks.

Impossibles Beach

Down the Peninsula from Padang-Padang, this long stretch of white-sand beach is free of warungs and people, and still maintaining its original natural make-up of flora along the towering cliffs. Unfortunately, at high tide the beach all but disappears under the waves, and for this reason Impossibles is not an ideal place for relaxing on the sand, although it is a great setting for a sea-side walk at low tide. Swimming is not advised here, and the waves are for experienced surfers only, as they break over reef.

Bingin Beach

Within paddling reach of Impossibles is Pantai Bingin, but this beach totes an extremely different atmosphere. It is still very natural and quiet, with few people, although there are quite a number of bungalows and a few warungs in the vicinity. This white-sand beach is pockmarked with rock and reef, forming pools in low tide, while at high tide the beach is almost consumed by the sea. Experienced surfers love to come here as the waves are near perfect and often form pristine tubes. The water is also fairly safe for swimming and snorkeling as the waves break on a reef about fifty to one hundred meters from the shoreline.

Dreamland Beach

A few hundred meters up from Bingin is Dreamland, which overlooks every other Bukit beach all the way to Uluwatu. Because of its beauty, white sand and cliff outcroppings, it has become the chic beach of the day, and it is usually fairly busy with tourists, and quite a number of warungs and small bungalows have been built in the area. It is a great beach for swimming and surfing, as it offers a sand-bottom break, but often has a strong rip current.

Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran Beach is a sleepy cove where fleets of fishing boats colour the scene. With a slower pace than Kuta and a relaxed friendly atmosphere, the shores of Jimbaran provide a peaceful respite. The perfectly shaped bay is also spared the crashing waves of nearby beaches, providing a safe haven for leisurely swimming.

Jimbaran is a popular spot for windsurfing and sailing small craft. Jimbaran’s grey sand and calm waters are attracting more people but the beach still has a sleepy feeling. It is also popular spot for watching the sunset and eating the fresh seafood.

Kedonganan Beach

It’s about 3 kilometers, around 10 minutes from the Ngurah Rai airport. Kedonganan is a fishing village, where you can see a traditional fish market and Jukung, the traditional fishing boat which present an interesting view. Here, you can order the seafood grilled at the seafood restaurant around the beach while you watch the sun go down the valley.

Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua, a beautiful stretch of white sandy beach that offers excellent swimming conditions in a protected lagoon, was designed for the luxury conscious with big name hotels lining the beautiful white sand beach. Some of the resorts have private beaches but most areas are accessible. The stretch past the Hilton Resort has been a public beach and during the wet season, the outer reef there is a popular surf break.

Geger Beach

On the way to Nikko Hotel, after Bali Golf, there is a valley which end in Geger Beach. At the Geger Beach, you can see the many beautiful fishes swimming freely between coral reef and the fisherman in the sea grass field. Geger Beach is quiet s beach where you can swim in the clear water, do fishing, and lay down for sunbathing until the sun go down. That’s why many tourists called Hidden Paradise

Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach is the best place to watch the sunrise in the morning. Stretch along way from behind Grand Bali Beach hotel, Sindhu Beach, Pantai Jerman to Semawang Beach. A beach walking making it possible to enjoy the many hotels and restaurants along the strip and enjoy the local snack like spring roll, fried tofu, grill corn and many other snacks.

Sanur is a calm, quiet lagoon that offers great conditions for wind surfing and para-sailing. Sanur has a lively history and is still a revered area. The beach often fills up with brightly clad ceremonial folk honoring various auspicious days. The reef off Sanur is a popular surf break but only works under limited conditions. Many water sport companies are based here, offering a number of recreational activities.

sanur Matahari Terbit (Sunrise) Beach

It is just 5 minutes from the beautiful Sanur Beach. It is black sandy beach with most of local people come here in the early morning to watch the sunrise and see the Mount Agung.

Padang Galak Beach

The white sandy beach, is a popular place for surfing, includes the warung and accommodations. In the morning, you can see the beauty of the sunrise, also the Mount Agung can be seen from this beach. And in the middle of the year, The Bali Kite Festival is always held at this beach.

Lebih Beach

There are various water sports or sailing on the Jukung the traditional boats can be done at this beach. On the black sand, you can have picnic with your friends or family and enjoy the grilled sea food.

Padang Bai Beach

Padang Bai, a picturesque bay surrounded by majestic cliffs and hills, is a perfect escape at the east of Bali. It is famous for its pure white sandy beach and lovely harbor scenery as a transit harbor to Nusa Penida and Lombok Island.

Candi Dasa Beach

Candi Dasa is the gateway to east Bali. The beach has been mostly washed away due to the heavy coral picking. This has now been stopped and tidal walls have been erected in an effort to restore the beach. Slowly the coral is returning, Candi Dasa now has become a popular tourist destination. Unfortunately the beach is not suitable for swimming.

Amed Beach

Amed, around 30 minutes drive from Candidasa, is one of the best scuba diving and snorkeling spots in Bali with its breathtaking under water world. Amed is a traditional cultural center with only minor influences from tourism, you can see the village boys and girls practicing traditional music and the fisherman sail their outrigger canoes out to catch the fish.

Imagine diving on the black sand slope of volcano towering over the reef or a night on the wreck of Liberty at the undeveloped and unspoiled corner of paradise.

Tulamben Beach

Tulamben Beach is inseparable from the history of Tulamben Village as a marine village. The lava floods and rolling of huge volcanic stones dragged the shipwreck of Liberty to the depth of 30 meters above sea level and fragmented into to parts. This shipwreck then became to be the home to hundreds of species of coral fish and shrimp. That’s why Tulamben is more quiet but more popular for diving and snorkeling.

Nusa Lembongan Beach

In the year 1200, there was an old man from Mount Kila, called Dukuh Jumpungan who owned a boat which had a magical power. Legend has it that whenever he sailed on his boat, everything he encountered and struck by his boat would become an ocean.

One day, Dukuh Jumpungan heard that there was a very sacred mountain called Mount Tohlangkir. Dukuh Jumpungan was determined to prove the magical power of his boat by hitting the sacred Mount Tohlangkir. He wished to make Mount Tohlangkir disappear and became an ocean. He sailed in a southeast direction from Padang Bay, collided his boat to Mount Tohlangkir. The boat rebounded shakily, and finally sank. An island appeared in the area where the boat rebounded shakily and is now called Nusa Ceningan. The area where his boat sank became an island and is now called Nusa Lembongan.

In Balinese, Lembongan means mushroom. Now, Nusa Lembongan is one of the most popular destinations for cruising and sailing. The pristine white sandy beaches with aquamarine bays are brimming with colorful sea life, so diving and snorkeling are also very popular sports in Nusa Lembongan. One can also enjoy the glass bottomed boat rides. With the backdrop of Mount Agung, Nusa Lembongan has spectacular scenery and offers unforgettable adventures. Lembongan’s neighboring island, Nusa Penida, has more ominous reputation and is less popular.

Nusa Penida Beach

Nusa Penida offers fine swimming, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and sunbathing, also dramatic walks, unspoilt scenery, deep caves, and delightful, friendly villagers. Nusa Penida is the most gorgeous dive place in Bali with vast spread of coral reefs and rich with color and fish. Most visitors stay in Jungut Batu on Nusa Lembongan and come over to Nusa Penida island on day trips.

Nusa Ceningan Beach

Ceningan Island is just next to Nusa Lembongan. When there is no swell at Nusa Lembongan head around here for a fun wave with water slides and watch banana boats. Many nice coral formations like pillars, table corals and a lot of fish make the Ceningan Island is good place to dive.

Tanah Lot Beach

Located at the Tabanan, Bali ‘s southwestern coast, Tanah Lot is famous as the place of holiest temples on the island and the sunset above the Indian Ocean. With the black sand, Tanah Lot Beach is not recommended for swimming or surfing for the beginners but it’s great for horse riding and watching the spectacular sunset above the Indian Ocean.

Nyang Nyang Beach

Nyang Nyang Beach is known for its white sandy beach and its perfect waves for surfing. It is located at the western part of Bukit Peninsula, facing the vast Indian Ocean. This deserted surfing beach offers the complete privacy and satisfaction for visitors or surfers.

Suluban Beach

The beach is located a few km north of Uluwatu, close to Bingin surfing beach and Labuan Sait. Suluban derives from Balinese word which means ‘walking or passing under something’. The beach was named Suluban, because the visitors have to pass through the coral reef cave before reaching its wide sandy beach.

The sea water is crystal clear, and its large waves make it the most well-known surfing beach among the world-wide surfers.

Labuan Sait Beach

Labuan Sait Beach is located a few km north of Uluwatu Temple, facing the vast Indian Ocean. From the parking lot, visitors have to walk through 60m long coral reef tunnel to this beautiful beach of Labuan Sait.

Canggu Beach

Located only a few km north of Legian Beach, this beautiful beach is accessible from Kerobokan Village. Like its neighboring beaches, Canggu Beach offers the perfect waves for surfing. For beginner surfers, the reef-coral waves will give a fascinating experience.

There are also many facilities for tourist in Canggu area as the effect of North Kutas expansion

Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach is located approximately 10km west of Singaraja. Its black sandy beach is beautiful at sunrise and a wonderful place for swimming. There is no surfing, but plenty of coral areas for snorkeling and diving. It is also a good place for watching dolphins offshore in early morning. This area is very tranquil with the life of the village that is peaceful.

Pemuteran Beach

Pemuteran Beach is located in Pemuteran Village. The beach has so many beautiful fishes, turtles and other marine and submarine habitats and coral reefs. There is also turtle conservation nearby. This peaceful place is ideal for natural excursion activities such as tramping at the National Park, swimming, snorkeling and diving.

Gondol Beach

Gondol Beach is located by the poor fishing village of Gondol, about 30km west of Seririt, or 35km east of Gilimanuk. With rows of jukung (traditional boat) and surrounded by coconut plantation, this part of the coast is idyllic and peaceful. It is also a good place for swimming and snorkeling.

Delod Brawah Beach

Delod Brawah beach is a black sandy beach which used to be a swamp and a favorite crocodile hunt. It is said that the sand from this beach can cure rheumatism.

Medewi Beach

Medewi beach is a small resort in the southeast of Jembrana. It is located midway between Gilimanuk and Denpasar, just off the main road in Airsatang. The beach is perfect for surfing because the waves vary from 3m to 7m high. Small black stones are spread over the black sandy beach, giving a remarkable scene at sunset.