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Where to Go in Jakarta?

Travellers across the globe would agree that Jakarta in Indonesia is a unique vacation destination. The question often asked is where to go in Jakarta? Being a place of tourist delight, there are several options available here. The popular scenic destinations include some great national safari parks.

If you are still not sure as to where to go in Jakarta, one option adored by nature enthusiasts is the Taman Safari. Though there are three safari parks in Indonesia, one each at Bogor (near Jakarta), Mount Arjuno (East Java) and Marina Beach (Bali), popularly known as Taman Safari I, II and III, the most popular is the one at Bogor. This is a great chance to get introduced to the extraordinary wildlife around. Unlike the other safaris across the globe designed for pure leisurely purposes, this is a venture that helps in learning more about animals and the habitats. The animals are allowed to live in their natural habitats.

The Taman Safari near Jakarta offers a habitat to around 2500 animals in which the majority of them are of Indonesian origin. Some of the most commonly seen species include giraffe, Malayan sun bear, Bengal tigers, hippo, zebra, cheetah, elephants, orangutan and komodos. The greatest feature of the safari is that it allows you to be as close as possible to these wild animals. The windows of your vehicles are expected to be closed, to avoid the animals sticking their heads through. If you have children in your group, they would be excited to feed the herbivores here. The safari is incomplete without the wildlife shows, and the dolphin show and elephant show are highly fun-filled. The amusement park section includes small rides presenting penguins, bats and nocturnal animals from Indonesia. An overnight stay in the bungalows or camping is an exclusive option too.

If you are still unsatisfied with your trip and are searching online to know more on where to go in Jakarta, Ancol is a great option of you. Indonesian tourism is not reserved to just the exotic natural destinations; it is extended to the man-made recreational parks. The extensive range of attractions in ‘Ancol Dreamland’ includes a sea world, a lagoon for fishing and boating, and the Dunia Fantasi of Ancol complex. This magnificent fantasy world is divided into eight regions that offer you unparalleled enjoyment. The newest and most unique rides will attract kids as well as adults.

No one who is wondering where to go in Jakarta would run short of ideas as there are several online informational sites to help. Kota Tua, Jakarta’s old town, is one of the most famous attractions of the place. Numerous tourists fly here to be a part of this colorful and vibrant metropolitan. The pleasant tropical climate makes the place one of the best tourist destinations that can be visited the year round. The national monument and historical museums are other major attractions here. Jakarta has the rich culture and traditions of Indonesia. Whether you wish to spend your time here in utmost peace, leisure time activities or shopping you would find plenty opportunities.