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Where to Find Profitable Product Related Keywords?

In my previous post, I discussed a little about product keyword or product related keywords being very profitable and have high conversion rates.

Those keywords are everywhere and not that hard to find. Today, I will talk about where to find those product keywords. Check out…

1. Amazon best selling products
First in my list is amazons top selling product section (http://www.amazon.com/bestsellers/) because I’m one of the proud amazon affiliates, and it is updated every hour. The data provided in those pages are very valuable because we can easily know what most people are looking for and buying in Amazon.The list is easy to browse. You can find product keywords in different categories like automotive, books, camera & photo, cell phones & accessories, clothing, computer & accessories, electronics and about almost everything.
2. eBay Pulse
EBay pulse (http://pulse.ebay.com) is a daily snapshot of current trends, hot picks, and cool stuffs that people are selling, buying and searching in eBay. This is absolutely a goldmine, especially to people who are selling stuffs in eBay and to us search engine marketers because most probably many of the people who are buying stuffs from ebay also searching through different search engines.
3. Tradekey Hot Products
Tradekey (http://tradekey.com) has a very large product database and rapidly increasing. I am not hearing this often to other marketers, so I think it is not yet common. When opening their website, it looks like its just another online store, but try browsing through the bottom of the page, and you will see a real goldmine.At the bottom of the page, you can see literally thousands of product related keywords that are sorted alphabetically.
4. Google Products
Google Products (http://google.com/products/) is new stuff from Google. It is designed to help shoppers find and buy products across the web. In the home page, you can find the most recent products that people searched using Google search engine.The list is not much compared to the product keyword sources listed above but the information is directly coming from Google so it is extremely valuable and profitable.

There are too many of them and its very time consuming to check them all, just check and start with the product keywords that are not familiar to you because those unfamiliar products might have missed out by other marketers.

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