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Where is the Cheapest Hotel in the World?

The most expensive items in most travels are plane tickets and accommodations. These things can be very costly especially for budget travellers. You can find some amazing offers on cheapest hotels in the world if you know just where to look. The best way to spot cheap hotel deals is shopping for them on the internet.

How to find them?

Many websites offer good pricing on international hotels but Hotels Comparison Website is quite amazing in that aspect. When you search for accommodations in your desired destination, this website scours most of the Internets travel websites and presents to you the best deals available. All you have to do is select, compare and place your booking!

Remember, cheap doesn’t have to mean dirty, rundown and dangerous. World’s cheapest hotels are also some of the loveliest places in the world. The habitual traveller knows that it is in these little places that you can discover the warmth and loveliness of local cultures. Small hotels give you a chance to experience the local food while trying your hand at the languages at the region. These are what make up the best memories from your visits.

For example?

On hotel price comparison websites, there is a surprising list of world’s cheapest hotels. If you are off to Indonesia, than may we suggest Hotel Sayang Maha Mertha in Bali. At less than 4 it is sure to be a bargain destination. Although it is more basic then basic, Hotel Mertha is situated only 10 minutes walk from Kuta beach. At an ideal location for backpackers, the hotel is only a few minutes away from McDonalds and further up, an active volcano! This may as well be the cheapest hotel in the world.

There are many hotels, lodges and hostels where you might not find a mint on your pillow but you will find comfort and simplicity. Another place offering cheap hotel deals is in China! Super 8 Jia He Hotel, Shanghai comes at only 15 a night with breakfast and broadband included! But you should think about investing in a good Chinese Phrase book because the workforce isn’t very good at English. Nevertheless they are very courteous and helpful.

I like to party!

If nightlife and parties are your deal then what better place then Las Vegas? Known for the $15 weddings, Vegas also has some amazing budget hotels. One such gem is the El Cortez Hotel and Casino Las Vegas. At only 7 per person per night it is a very good snip. Far away from the noisy city life, but close enough to it by a five minute walk, this is the perfect hotel if you want to party on a budget. The hotels owned Casino is a welcoming place with the best gambling in town.

It is funny how the cheapest hotels in the world, most of them anyways; provide free broadband/Wi-Fi internet services. While the expensive ones can charge up to 5 for it!

Look up your destination on the internet and you can find some amazing deals; some even cut your accommodation expenses in half! And remember budget travels brings you closer to the place you visit. It is not about the services or amenities; it is about the art of travelling!