Where is Coffee Grown in East Africa?

If you are a day to day coffee lover, then you may already be branching out to sample different coffee growing regions. Coffee is grown all over the world, but it is primarily grown in regions on the equator between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. Coffee needs to be cultivated in a humid climate with the proper amount of rainfall, meaning that you won’t find coffee growing in northern Europe or other similar climates.

When you begin to explore the coffee growing regions of East Africa, you will find delicious and robust flavors in your cup of Joe. Many of the flavors available from these regions have fruity and floral undertones with a medium body and high acidity. For instance, Kenya is a very popular coffee growing region, and the Arabica beans from Kenya are considered to be the best quality available. Kenya has fertile land due to the tropical coasts, and it also has a semi desert area in the North with savannas in the South. Primarily, Kenya grows tea and coffee as agricultural exports, and they make up nearly half of the exports of this country. You will find the majority of coffee grown near Mt. Kenya, which is north of Nairobi. There are two rainy seasons in Kenya, in April to June and October to December. Coffee from this region has a full body with high acidity, and it also has fruit and floral notes.

Coffee grown in Ethiopia is quite special because Ethiopia is rumored to be the birthplace of coffee. Ethiopia is found in Northeast Africa, and it is the leading country in Africa for coffee consumption. Ethiopian coffee has very subtle and unique flavors, specifically due to the weather, terrain, and soil found in that country. Furthermore, coffee that is grown in Ethiopia often uses a natural drying process as opposed to the washing process of many other coffee harvesters. You will find that this coffee has medium acidity and body with a sweet wine and floral flavor.

Coffee from Tanzania will provide differing characteristics altogether. This coffee is grown in a tropical climate, and Java is one of the main exports of this country. This country produces Arabica beans in the North, South, and West regions. Coffee from this country has a bright flavor and acidity with a medium body, and coffee that comes from South Tanzania has further fruity undertones.

Coffee from Zambia offers a unique flavor profile because it is grown in a long rainy season. This rainy season lasts from November through May, and coffee production has been increasing in this country. This country produces washed Arabica beans with a full body for a quality product.

Overall, if you are looking to sample a wide variety of robust and complex Java flavors, then you can’t go wrong with East Africa. This is a diverse coffee growing area of the world that will provide you with the fullness and richness in your cup of Joe that you have been looking for!