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What You Need to Know About Dominance When Dealing With

What You Need to Know About Dominance When Dealing With Beautiful Women

You probably have heard it many times already that true dominance is a key factor when it comes to dealing with beautiful women.

However, it seems nowadays that most men do not understand the true meaning of this word, and even worse – they do not implement any form of dominant behavior into their passive lives to attract the women that they’re interested in. These same men, however, are raving in frenzy about how they do not get women and always ask why women don’t want to date them.

This article explores the many ways of the true male dominance and its effect on the women that you see everyday and would like to meet.

It is widely known that in the wild nature, the dominant alpha male is always the one that has the biggest chunk of territory under his control.

The very same principle applies to the human behavior in men. The formula is very simple – the more you own, the more dominant you are. So now what do you do if you don’t own that much, don’t have a nice car, a lot of money and a castle in France?

The answer is simple – you need to increase your own “bubble” that you stay in. This so-called “bubble” is also called your personal space. What you need to do is extend that space of yours to where your own eyes can see, your hands can touch and your ear can hear.

Now that you’ve done it, everything around you becomes your territory. While there are many other benefits to increasing your personal bubble, the main reason for doing that is to control the zone that you have created.

Now that you have your own extended personal zone, you will need to make sure you take proper care of it.

It is very commonly thought that dominating is often something destructive. Like when you’re taking over something and trying to take something away from others. In reality, however, dominating also includes checking your place for safety and well-being. The function of the true male domination is not to take away from the others and to take over, but to keep the order on the territory that you assume is yours.

The government, for example, controls the order on the territory that is given to it. So now on the territory that now is yours, you can strike up a conversation with anyone you want. One of the most effective ways to convey your true dominance on your territory is through strong body language.

Now, body language is one of those things that are easier to show then to write about. However, I will give some great tips and easy exercise to do if you want to get better at conveying your true male dominance.

The main issues that most guys have conveying their dominant energy is that their posture does not convey dominance. To make sure you convey the right energy, you have to be aware of your body and make sure you keep both your back and neck straight. This will make you up to two inches taller if you strengthen out like that.

Also make sure your shoulders stay still without moving when you walk. Now this will add more grounding to your body and posture.

If your hands are too long and you look like an orangutan, then simply make sure you make your hand into a sort-of relaxed fist when you walk.

Now for the exercise: as you walk, imagine yourself wearing a very heavy coat that drags your whole body down to the ground, especially shoulders. Resist with all your strength and keep your body straight. This way your torso will stay fixed while your hands and legs move in the proper fashion. These tips and exercise will make your body language look very natural and add animal-on-the-attack grace to the way you carry yourself.

As you can probably tell by now even these are just SOME of the factors that make you truly attractive to the beautiful women that you’re interested in. But now regardless of your social status, your looks, age or bank account you can go out and approach any woman you like, and you also will be far more successful with women than the average Joe if you implement the advice given in this article.

Try and let me know what happens!

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