What Effect Do Wide Tires Have On Motorcycle Handling?

Often times, motorcycles are running on narrow tires which do not run on flat surfaces. This is completely different than how car tires work. Lately, however, motorcycle tires have been manufactured with wide proportions. Skeptics would tend to ask, what effect do wide tires have on motorcycle handling? This article will explain about this query and more.

The Rear Difference

Motorcycle tires with wide rears do not work the same with cars that have them. They have the tendency to tread more, therefore creating a situation where the motorcycle pushes through the turns instead of going around them. Since this is a very dangerous way to go, most people, when selecting their motorcycle tires, opt to have the front wider than the rear. The motorcycle actually appears to be more responsive with this type of tire. Still, you have to be very careful because the ride may still be a bit twitchy due to the combination of a short wheelbase and a wide front tire.

In general, it is always best to go both ways if you decide to have wider tires on your motorcycles. This is because motorcycle tires will have a great overall grip while retaining the handling balance if they have wider front and rear portions. Make sure, though, that you are particular with how wide your motorcycle tires are. They should not be more than 10mm wider or narrower than the stock tire. If this is the case, then it will result in pinch flats or a possible wearing out of the tires which may even result in a blow up.

Approved Installation

Nobody is stopping you from installing additional motorcycle apparel or making changes to your motorcycle tires. You should, however, only consider doing this if you have the approval of your motorcycle or tire manufacturer. Most manufacturers are keen on having their models altered. If they would approve of the changes in your tires, it would usually be minimal. One allowable size will do. Be safe with this alternative, and it is advised to get a clearance. The main reason why manufacturers see to it that these protocols are followed is because there is an effect on stability and handling with wider tires, as explained above. You see, tires often grow in size after inflation and may continuously do so after riding on them for a hundred miles or so. So, it basically means that it’s more than just the tires that would change, your other gears should as well be adjust to the changes.

The Real Score

If your motorcycle tires are wide, they will obviously make wider footprints. Apart from this, it does have an effect on how you handle your vehicle. If you check your motorcycle’s manual and consult its manufacturer, you will find that there are suitable widths for various types of motorcycle tires and suitable adjustments that need to be made on motorcycle apparel.

If you fail to read the guidelines, you will see that if you happen to have your motorcycle too wide, the inner parts of your vehicle will be struck and this may interfere with your road performance. Your driving will be a bit off. So it is best to have the width proportional to your motorcycle’s other parts because you do not want to risk purchasing other parts that will give you a dangerously hard time on the road.