What Are Fairies?

Just what are fairies? Do they really exist and has anyone ever seen a real fairy? First, before you think I am off my rocker, when it comes to mythical creatures, they are just that- mythical. Life itself is what you make it and what you imagine it to be. Fairies and such are no different!

Fairies can be seen everywhere if you know how to look for them. When you look into a field with the grass gently swaying in the sunny breeze- is that all you see? I see little fairies playing tag with one another causing the grass to move back and forth as they run through it. After a rain I see little fairy kisses left on the leaves and flowers- to most these are mere raindrops.

Fairies can be things of beauty and peace; however, they can also be wild and mischievous. Once you understand the idea of fairies life is much more fun- even during times of stress! They are very much able to change their shape, appearance and even their mood in a twinkle of the eye! Fairies come from our emotions and our thoughts.

Fairies can be classified by four major groups based on the elements of the earth. Earth fairies include gnomes, brownies and kobolds, water fairies include the nixies, lamias and the undines. The fire fairies are salamanders, daemons, and fire drakes, while the air fairies are the sylphs, peries and all other winged fairies. These can also be categorized by using a simple system called good fairies and bad fairies!

Fairies wings are made of emotion, energy and shifting light. Since fairies don’t actually need these wings to fly like a bird or a butterfly does (they are self- propelled) we can assume that these are created for our own satisfaction. The eyes of a fairy are often very deep in color and can even seem cold when you stare at them. This is in part because they are reflecting our own thoughts back at us.

In the land of mythical creatures there are many different kinds of fairies that we can encounter and if we have an open mind communicate with. You must maintain a sense of humor when talking with these little creatures as humor is very important to them. That is why they like to talk in riddles and play practical jokes. Once you have opened your eyes, your mind and your heart to the fairy realm you will find life much more amusing!