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Wakaya Club, Fiji Island

If you’re seeking exclusivity, Fiji’s Wakaya Island will keep the noise and clutter of everyday life at bay, while letting you be pampered like royalty. Guests won’t be distracted modern technology and newfangled accents here: The owners’ concept involves preserving the island’s natural beauty and spirit, and they are aided in their mission by a friendly staff of predominantly Fijians. Take advantage of the island’s remote splendor and arrange for use of your own private beach (the proportion of beaches to guests is certainly in your favor), where you will be dropped off with a champagne brunch and chauffeured back once you’ve summoned with your two-way radio. The resort’s 10 1,500-square-foot cottages feature lavish yet natural extremities such as lava rock shower stalls, cathedral ceilings, Tibetan rugs, woven bamboo wall coverings, and indigenous yaka timber flooring.

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