Visiting Famous Annah Rais Longhouse in Kuching Malaysia

If you are a natural fan, one of the perfect place that you can traveling to is Sarawak, the biggest state in Malaysia, on the island of Borneo and has 800 kilometers stretch of coastline in front of the South China Sea. Large segment of the land is covered by natural rain forest where you will be able to discover truly natural wildlife. The other interesting experience is to travel to Annah Rais Longhouse where you will find a well-preserved unique longhouses.

Today there are just some working longhouses remaining in Sarawak, and a majority of them are situated at the upper stream of the Rejang and Belago rivers where you must ride a speedboat for more than 5 hours if you would like to get there. Annah Rais Longhouse is likely to be the only one which is in just 1 hour driving distant from Kuching.

Beside discover the authentic architecture of the house, there are a great number of other activities that you can perform when on a trip to this famous village. You could enjoy a natural hot spa in the nearby hot spring, or playing water at a nearby wonderful 3 tiers waterfall, or hire a guide to have a rainforest jungle trekking, or just check out the nearby pepper or paddy field plantation. The trip is promised to be a memorable one.

Not a long way from Kuching, in the live museum or Sarawak Cultural Village, there are some other longhouses where real people are hired to live in it in an old-fashioned way. You can watch these dwellers producing their traditional art work and crafts such as bead work, wood as well as bamboo carvings etc.

Sarawak Cultural Village and Annah Rais Longhouse are the best places for you to experience a real Borneo wonderful adventure or to rejuvenate your body and mind and to refresh your spirit. There are many travel agencies providing daily trips to these 2 attractions at a fairly affordable price, typically around US38-US60 for a day trip.