Visit The Top Attractions Of Western Australia

Australia offers so much to the traveller – from cultural traditions that vary, majestic scenery, historical relics, different cultures and locations that throb with urban life. Wherever you may go in Australia, you will find something that appeals to you, not least in Western Australia. We have put together a brief snippet of the very best attractions of Western Australia.

Read on for more about our guide to the main attractions of Western Australia…

Perth Zoo

The capital city of Western Australia – it has so much promise for the tourist – and most importantly it delivers on its promise! You are guaranteed long hours of sunshine in Perth, plus so much to see and do. One of the main attractions in Perth is the city Zoo, which is located just a few minutes drive from Perth city centre. The Zoo is home to over 200 species of animals. The natural habitats of the native and exotic animals have been magnificently recreated at the zoo to add to the authenticity of the experience. There are wonderful gardens and walking route areas making for a perfect family day out and enjoy that sunny outdoor picnic!

Perth Zoo is divided into areas such as the African Savannah and the Rainforests of Asia where animals native to each area are placed in. So in the African area you will come across lions, zebras and monkeys, whilst in the Asia section you will come across tigers, monkeys and elephants. You can see the animals up close during their feeding times. Wildlife Conservation is a key component of Perth Zoo.

Kimberley’s Falls

Kimberley is located on the north west coast of Australia, and is home to two wonderful falls. The King George Falls is the first one, and can be seen when the King George River runs down over sandstone cliffs into sea waters, creating the King George Falls. It truly is a marvellous experience. Whilst here, travel the 8km to the Diamond Coast, where you will experience gorges, cliffs, lagoons and sand dunes. The Mitchell Falls are the second waterfall in the Kimberley area, and this is located in the Mitchell Plateau Territory, an area which is decorated with wonderful plant life and exotic animals. The sublime Mitchell Falls are layered in tiers and are very prominent areas. The foliage of the area is also astounding.

Cape Arid National Park

Located over an area of 280,000 hectares, Cape Arid National Park has a wide and varied landscape style. From heathlands to beaches and rugged headlands, there is much to see and do there. The highest peak in the National Park is Mount Ragged, which reaches a height of 594 metres.

Check out the wonderful nature reserve at Nuytsland, and the fine beaches at the Thomas River to the west. There are many activities that the tourist can avail of here, from hiking, fishing, swimming and water activities. Note that there is no drinking water here, and visitors must bring their own water and camp stoves, and come prepared with plenty of supplies.

Western Australia Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum of western Australia looks over the stunning Indian ocean and is a reminder of Fremantle’s historic past as one of the primary coastal locations of Western Australia. There are 6 different galleries of the Museum, and all of them symbolise the different associations of West Australia with the sea.

You can avail of annual boarding pass, which enables you to visit the Museum for as many times as you wish over a 12 month period, and just for an extra two Australian Dollars to the admission price! The Museum celebrates the boats and their styles in times past, from commercial liners and yachts to the pleasure cruisers of a bygone era. The Museum is also home to the winning America’s Cup Yacht, The Australia II.

Broome & Cable Beach

Broome is located in the Kimberley Region, and has a rich history as a town dedicated to the pearl industry and oyster harvesting. Whilst in Broome, take a trip to Cable Beach, which is 22km of sparkling water and beautiful white sand. Cable Beach has wonderfully safe swimming and snorkelling waters. The beach derived its name from the famous telegraph cable that was laid down from Broome to Singapore and Java over 120 years ago. Gantheaume Point is a historic place where you can see dinosaur footprints on the rocky beaches when the tide rolls out that date from over 100 million years ago! Make sure to see the sunsets at Cable Beach – truly a sight to behold!

The Perth Mint

A major attraction of the city, Perth Mint was first set up in 1899, and it still operates from its first home – and as such is one of the most historic buildings on the continent. It was originally set up as a subsidiary of the Royal British Mint Company as a gold refinery for the British Empire. A world of treasure and discovery await the visitor, there is a gold rush experience there at the Melting House, and you can learn all about the life of the gold prospectors of 19th century Australia.

If you can handle it, 400,000 in gold bars awaits your hands, and find out your own weight in gold! Gold nuggets, bullions and gold bars shine from the vaults of times past at Perth Mint.

Karijini National Park

One of the largest National Parks in Western Australia, Karijini is a perfect place to escape the urban hustle and bustle and explore the Outback at your leisure! The National Park is located near the Hammersley Mountain range and offers the vistor wonderful landcapes, rugged outcrops, gorges and waterfalls.

The remarkably shaped Visitors Centre will enable you to learn about local history, and the flora and foliage of the area. The gorges at Hammersely and Dales are well worth checking out, as is the spectacular lookout point at Oxer. There are alluring waterfalls to be seen at Joffre and Fortescue.

Adventure World Perth

Adventure World is Perth’s very own fun and amusement park offering thrilling rides and attractions for adults and kids alike! Located in 35 acres of wonderful landscaped gardens, there are attractions such as the Power Surge and the Kids Cove. There are cafes and burger bars to grab a snack as you move from attraction to attraction!

Kodja Place

The way of life in the Australian countryside in times past is perfectly displayed at the town of Kojunup in South Western Australia. The visitor centre and visitor experience will enable you to learn all about the life of the farming community here. Located three hours to the south of Perth, this is a wonderful pastoral area of farmlands and bushlands where you will discover for yourself the history of the area from the native Aboriginal peoples to the European settlers.

Caversham Wildlife Park & Zoo

For a great family day out, pay a visit to the wonderful Caversham Wildlife Park, which houses one of the best collections of fauna in the Western region of Australia. You can also partake in activities such as sheep shearing, horse shows, and feeding the animals. You can get a family photo with some of the animals in the park such as the koalas or wombats! There are picnic areas, nature trails and eateries at nearby Whiteman Park. Caversham Wildlife Park & Zoo is located only 15 km from Perth City Centre, at the Sway Valley entrance to the north east of Perth.

Hope you enjoyed our guide to the very best of the attractions on offer in Western Australia. If you are heading to Australia and travelling to the western regions, the obvious and best way to travel is to secure a good value for money rental car. Reserve securely car hire Australia.