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Use Egyptian Theme Decor for a Unique Guest Room

Whether you know it or not, your guests’ view of you is very much influenced by your guest room; the room you invite them to when you have them round for coffee or supper. If that’s boring they will think you are too. Not that that should bother you, because they all probably have the same old boring guest room and think exactly the same about each other.

Why not do something about it? Don’t you want your room to inspire comment? Don’t you want people to find your guest room interesting, with so many conversation pieces that you will never run out of something to talk about? Surely you want somebody to notice your room, rather than just enter it and take it for granted like all the other boring old rooms they enter.

It’s unlikely that you have considered Egyptian theme décor for your home, but why not give it a try. Liven it up and give them something to talk about. Forget Roman and Greek: they are either boring or a bit lascivious, but Egyptian is magical and mysterious. What with their animal gods and secret tombs, not to mention the mummies and the curses, and the pharaoh’s tombs.

Get your guest room livened up. Throw some Egyptian tapestries over the floor and hang a couple on the wall. Get an Egyptian table as a centerpiece and you have started. Envisage the scene as your visitor enters your front door, and you lead them to your lounge. You throw open the door and right in front of them is a life-sized statue of the jackal headed god of the dead, Anubis.

The walls are hung with plaques displaying old hieroglyphs and portrayals of Tutankhamen with his child bride. Your sofa is upholstered in gold brocade piped with the deep blue braid of the Egyptian royal household. They sit and stare at the beautiful blue and black lapis lazuli and obsidian traditional ornaments and carvings, and the ornamental canopic jars.

They sit open-mouthed as you explain the history behind each one, and point out the blue scarab beetle topped boxes, and relate the stories behind the sacred scarabs and how they are purported to protect the dead on their journey to the afterlife. It doesn’t take much; just a few artifacts and a bit of home work, and you will be the talk of the town.

If you take time to learn just a little bit about the Egyptian people and their customs, you will be able to sound informative as you explain the ritual and mythology behind all of your pieces. This will have two uses: you will find out a lot about ancient Egypt yourself, and you will be able to impress your guests with your new found knowledge. This will make you the most popular hostess on the circuit and they won’t be able to wait until your turn comes round again.

You need not get everything at once. In fact if you add to your theme slowly over a period of time, you will have fresh material to talk about every time. There are lots of Egyptian themed items that you can buy and your conversation pieces will be limitless. You can purchase genuine Egyptian antiques and reproductions. Incense burners are inexpensive, and though ancient Egyptian mirrors are unobtainable, there are many reproductions on the market at reasonable prices. After all, it is the look that matters, not the authenticity.

If you want your invitations to be the most prized in town, and your home to be the most visited, bite the bullet and take the first step towards using Egyptian theme décor to turn your lounge into a guest room with a difference.