Unschool Your Kid for Better Learning Options – 12 Year

Unschool Your Kid for Better Learning Options – 12 Year Old Genius

Are you one of those people who believes that you have to tell kids what to learn to make them get a good education? When I was little I used to meet people all the time who said I should be in school. I’d tell them, “I am in school.”

Those folks would argue that I wasn’t learning traditional school ‘stuff’ and I’d argue that traditional school ‘stuff’ didn’t apply to my life. They didn’t understand that, but I did.

While my friends were adding up lines and columns of numbers, I was applying those numbers to my life. I was using measuring tapes and rulers to build a shed. I gave change to folks who purchased my books at book signings, and I was ordering books and figuring the best cost per shipping on ordering packets. If I ordered 11 books, the shipping was only $1.12 per book. So that was my break point. I always ordered 11 books.

When my friends complained that they were bored with school, I smiled and pressed forward with yet another project that taught me something more. I learned about komodo dragons and created a website. I learned about how to make money online, from a class mom was teaching (I signed up for her video class) and started my own blog. I learned that I could do whatever I wanted with my life if I wrote down my goals and kept working toward my goals. I wrote books, blogs, and websites.

While my friends got grades for their efforts of writing, I was earning money for college, clothes and trips my family wanted to take. I could earn and learn with unschooling, and I did. But, I don’t think my friends understand…