Understanding What is File Extension JNLP

The functions of file extension JNLP:

* By setting up JavaFX and Java applications online;* Launching Java programs off the Web;* Managing Java programs on the Internet.

Java Community Process developed the JNLP file extension, recognized as JSR 56 including version 1.0, 1.5, and 6.0.

The JNLP file extension is a correlated idea often interchangeable with the expression “WebStart”. The protocol used within the file extension JNLP describes itself with an XML scheme. The XML scheme identifies the launch of a Java WebStart. A JNLP file is comprised of a group of protocols defining the exact required launching mechanism. Files with the extension JNLP incorporate information regarding the position of the package file including the main class name used by the application as well as various features of the program.

Java Runtime Environment generates the files containing the file extension JNLP when a browser is properly configured. This downloads the program onto the clients’ Operating System and initiates its execution.

The JNLP file format operates on a standard Client to Server scheme. The JNLP Client executes and reads the files with the extension JNLP (the XML file) and links a JNLP Server or a Web server. The JNLP Client locally runs on the client’s Operating System, while the JNLP server executes via Servlet, a Java platform extension for advanced protocol attributes.

Files with the JNLP file extension include elements such as:

* HREF Attributes – the URL that points out the position of the file with the extension JNLP The Java WebStart obliges this feature to enable the program to incorporate with the Application Manager;* Code-base Attribute – utilized within the HREF characteristics using the JNLP file

If the Java Network Launch Protocol does not include icon images, the display image will consist of the application’s vendor and title, accessed from a file with the extension JNLP A frame defined by Java WebStart will enclose the display image.

Upon the preliminary launching of the application, the old display image will show following the modification or addition of an icon element. The new display image appears upon the second operation of the application. The file with the extension JNLP guarantees that every file entry within the root directory downloads onto the operating process via System.loadLibrary procedure.