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Tuna Fishing Facts

Tuna fishing is one of the most popular and common saltwater fishing expeditions that gets carried out. Albacore and the yellow fin tuna are the most fished, while the latter can be termed as one of the most economically important fish species in today’s world. When you have your favourite tuna sandwich in the morning, my bet is that it’s either albacore or our yellow fin friend. The yellow fin tunas habitat warm salt water. Hence they can be found in all the warm sea areas in the world.

Yellow fin tuna is the most popular game fish in the world the fishing of which is considered a sport mainly due to their characteristics of huge size, high speed in water, fighting tenacity and of course their tastiness. The fishes are silver in colour with blackish backs and white spotted bellies. They are named such due to the bright yellow fins that they sport and the yellow stripes which run from the eyes to the tails.

The fishing gears which are popularly used for yellow fin tuna fishing are large seine fishing nets and mile long fishing lines. Owing to the kind of ferocity this species possess, charter boats with all the necessary fishing gears are usually available for hire. For individuals who want to go individually for this sport should carry along, huge hooks, strong lines, steel reels and a thick and strong fishing rod preferably with a larger diameter than your average household broomstick.

Locating tunas is not difficult. Though they are found far away at sea, but since they create a lot of surface water disturbances while feeding together along with the fact that dolphins and birds are always roaming around them, locating a group of feeding tuna is easy. Once you have located them, you can carry out any one of the two strategies of drifting or trolling. While drifting involves throwing chunks of live bait around you to attract the tuna, trolling involves slowly dragging a baited hook through the water.

Once you’ve actually caught a yellow fin you’ll see why it’s such a popular game fish. You might never want to go back to fish anything else.

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