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Trip to the Magnificent Island Near Asia•KANG DADANG Blog
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Trip to the Magnificent Island Near Asia

The republic of Indonesia is the largest chained Island group in the World. It consists of 17,508 Islands. Indonesia is an island of tourist delight. It welcomes travelers from all over the world. There are wide array of tourist attractions in this Island country. Let us travel to this majestic Island near Asia.

Tourism is the major component of economic development of this country. It gets major part of revenue out of the foreign exchange. Nature and culture are the prime components of this Island. It is the second largest shoreline in the world. It has a tropical climate.

The popular scenic destinations include beaches in Bali, diving sites in Bunaken and various national parks in Sumatra are few examples of popular scenic destinations. The tourism is overseen by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The tropical destinations with white sand beaches, blue sky and beach resorts attract more travelers to this Island.

Indonesia is a land of volcanoes, dense forests and attractive beaches. The rich culture and tradition adds more value to this Island. You can have a relaxed vacation journey to this Island. Let us see few details about the popular tourist attraction of Indonesia.

The popular tourist attractions include Jakarta city, Sumatra Island, Sulawesi, Bali and Lombok, Banda Islands and Yogakartas.

Jakarta City:

It is the capital city of Indonesia. It is the largest city of this beautiful island. It has all the advanced amenities. It is the gateway to Indonesia. Jakarta has tropical climate. You can enjoy this Island by visiting during dry season as well. The national monument is the must visit tourist spot. The 137 meter tall marble obelisk is topped with a flame coated with 35 kg of gold. The bottom of this monument houses a historical museum. Also it has a meditation hall at the base. Orchid Gardens are popular in Jakarta city. The exotic orchid gardens are located at Slipi and Taman Mini. There are golden beaches with Scuba diving areas. Also it has developed Islands such as Pulau Bidadari, Pulau Ayer, Pulau Laki and Pulau Putri. It also has largest collection of museum.

Shopping in Jakarta is wonderful. Taman Surapati is filled with paintings. There are antique furniture, Old Dutch lamps and Chinese porcelains in the China town.

Sumatra Island:

It is the second largest Island in Indonesia. It has volcanic mountain range, hot springs, unexplored jungle, flora and fauna. It has tropical rainforests. If you would like to explore wildlife, Sumatra is the wonderful place for you.

It provides you to have peaceful holidays. You can go trekking, water skiing, scuba diving here. You can enjoy taking sun bath. The best time to visit Sumatra Island is during September and October. Sumatra tourist attraction includes Medan, Berastagi, Lake Toba, Danau Ranau is the Mountain Lake and Aceh. You can shop a wide range of paintings, antiques, batik, statues and carvings.


It is the land of high mountains and known as Orchid Island. It has misty valleys and lakes. It has sheltered with natural beauty that brings more prettiness to this Island.


It is a tropical paradise. It is popular for its crafts and adventurous activities. It has a range of mountains and verdant jungle. There will be lot of adventurous activities in Bali. Everything will be organized in Southern beaches.

Indonesia’s Banda Islands are the house of valuable spices. Also it is popular for diving and snorkeling. Yogakartas is the center of educational, cultural and economical activities. It is the hub of various arts centers, markets, galleries, craft shops and bazaars.Indonesia is the ultimate destination to have a quiet journey. It helps to forget all the daily routines of city life and enjoy with the natural beauties. It offers a relaxed Island journey.