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Travel to Bali – The Ultimate Place For Spiritual Vacations

Travel to Bali – The Ultimate Place For Spiritual Vacations

If you are stressed lately from work or school and you need to get away, the beach may be a very good idea. However, beaches tend to be noisy and dirty at some times of the year. Also, a lot of beaches nowadays are very commercial. So it’s likely that they don’t seem very peaceful at certain times of the year.

Therefore a very good pick for a stress-free getaway is a well-planned spiritual journey, most probably at a peaceful Asian place with rich heritage.

Bali, a well-known choice for spiritual vacations, is an island in the Indonesia which continues to grow in popularity. It is the most visited tourist spot in the entire country. It is widely held as the cradle of rich art, music, dance and leather and metal crafts. That is why if you travel to Bali, you will never run out of worthwhile things to do.

Bali has several galleries, eco tours, retreat packages, yoga classes and other activities that nurture the spirit and enhance one’s well-being. What really makes Bali the ultimate place to be for spiritual vacations is that in Bali, people take their religions seriously. They believe in the spirit in everything and they believe that God holds the web that encompasses every living thing. It is no wonder why spiritual rites and traditions have been preserved in this part of the country for so many years. Things like yoga, meditation and prayers were all deemed essential in the enlightening of the mind and body. A Bali vacation is not complete without all these things.

In Bali, you will also have no problems with food as long as your travel is well planned. Aside from the spirit detox that you will get from all the pampering and the meditation activities, Bali is also rich in restaurant and shops which serve fresh organic vegetarian dishes. Fruits, vegetables, herbs and cheeses are also offered, most of which are even grown in unpolluted mountains by farmers which have high regard for the environment and the cleansing of the spirit. Eating well is one of the cornerstones of “Eat Pray Love”, a recommended healthy read during your self-retreat, written by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Another soul-enriching experience is also shopping. In Bali, shopping is not an activity of those who are merely shopaholics and corporate moguls. They are not imprisoned in the claws of capitalism. Rather, there are a lot of merchandise which are made from local materials (environment friendly, of course) and a lot of craftsmen in Bali offer unique handmade products. These masterpieces are great things to bring back to your loved ones.

Lastly, you may consider Bali Alila, a famous hotel in Ubud which has a great homey atmosphere, perfect for the numerous spiritual vacations that they already housed. After all, everything you need after a refreshing day of spirit-nurturing, body-cleansing and mind-clearing activities is just a nice place to sleep in.