Travel to Bali and Experience an Unforgettable Spiritual Journey

With all of the wonderful beaches, mountains, historical sites, and unique cities and cultures of the world, it’s hard to pick even a few standouts. There are a lot of places you can travel to, no question, where you will have a great time and a wonderful vacation. Added to that, there are many interesting locales where you can enjoy a spiritual journey, learning about who you are and what you seek in life, and sometimes even coming home with the answers you’ve been searching for.

But very few places give you the kind of freeing, unfettered, truly soul-deepening experiences that travel to Bali will.

Bali is a lot like Hawaii, in case you’ve been there, but it’s also its own unique world. Visually, it’s similar – gorgeous, tropical plants, trees, and flowers, and a quieter, simpler life. But the Balinese are a deeply spiritual people, with their own unique version of Hinduism and such an entrenched spiritual background that everyone from your taxi driver to your masseuse wants to talk about God and religion. Not in an annoying, I-want-to-convert-you kind of a way, but in a warm, all-embracing, love-your-fellow-man kind of a way.

Travel to Bali and it’s one of the first things you will notice about the place, since spirituality is everywhere. The Balinese pray five times a day, but unlike the Muslims, their prayers involve flowers, rice, and many colors and scents – it’s clear from how participatory their prayers are, and how welcoming the Balinese are if you want to join in, that it’s a huge part of who they are.

But it is more than just praying. The whole atmosphere in Bali is charged with the opportunity to see beauty everywhere, and as it is reflected, feel it in your own heart. Just travel to Bali and you will notice it the minute you step off the plane. It’s a great experience to go to a place that is obviously so happy to see you, to welcome you, that it’s no wonder many people find their way to Bali and never go home.

From the green terraces rice paddies, to the monkey forests with their joyful tribes of simians, to the tiny towns filled with artisans of every ilk, Bali is a magnificent little island that brings spirituality to the daily life of everyone who lives or visits this marvelous place.