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Top Sights to See During Bali Holidays

It is well known that Bali holidays bring travelers to one of the most famous and exotic island destinations in all the world. Long beloved by holidaymakers for its beautiful beaches and cloud covered mountain peaks that make it appear as something out of a dream, this tropical paradise offers much to do and see. The problem for many is trying to figure out what not to miss whilst visiting Bali.

Although holidaymakers might find themselves unable to take in all the sights that make Bali holidays so revered, there are some major stops that are worth considering for a “must-see” list. They include:

* The Tanah Lot – This destination offers holidaymakers a chance to take in some of the most famous sights in all of Bali. It is often included as a destination in Bali tours. The Tanah Lot is found just outside Tabanan City and is known for its sandy beach, the temple Pura Tanah Lot and its spectacular sunsets.

* Lake Batur – This lake was created more than 30,000 years ago after an eruption of Mount Batur and is a favourite destination for holidaymakers because of its incredible beauty. The lake is often covered in a mist and features the temple of Pura Danu Batur, or the Goddess of the Lake.

* Mount Agung – This stunning, but active, volcanic mountain towers over Bali. It is also known as Gunung Agung and is sometimes called the “navel of the world.” The mountain is sacred to the Balinese and is said to have been erected by the Gods. It was thought to give them a focal point from which to view the world. Holidaymakers who make the trek to the mountain will find the temple Pura Besakih is located here, dedicated more than 1,000 years ago to Vishnu, Brahma and Agung. The temple complex also houses a number of other temples dedicated to various Hindu gods.

* Gunung Batur – This active volcanic mountain is the “female” to Mount Agung’s “Male.”

* Klungkung Royal Palace – Whilst the original palace, built in 1710, was ruin by the Dutch in 1908, a recreation now exists that pays homage to Bali’s past. Today those on Bali holidays will find a destination that offers a beautiful blending of nature and architecture.

* The beaches – Bali has many beaches that call to visitors with their pristine white sands and beautiful turquoise waters. Those on holiday in Bali will discover the beaches are distinct, but equally welcoming.

* Jalan Monkey Forest – Located in Ubud, this forest is known to be a home to three separate troops of gray monkeys. Those on Bali holidays are free to purchase food to feed the monkeys and they can also explore the Temple of the Dead, or Pura Dalem, whilst taking in this attraction.

Bali holidays offer visitors a wide variety of things to do and places to explore. From the natural splendors of Mount Agung and Lake Batur to the royal palace and beyond, the island will entrance holidaymakers with one breathtaking sight after another.