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Top Exotic Honeymoon Destinations

Exotic honeymoon destinations are often looked up and searched for. More and more newlyweds are beginning to realize that the world is full of places that are isolated. One good thing about these exotic destinations is that they give people an experience that is out of the ordinary and unforgettable.This is a very good idea for two people who just decided to spend the rest of their lives together. You can learn a lot from your life partner when you travel to the far reaches of the globe.

A Belize honeymoon is what you want if you are interested in tranquility. This doesn’t sound exotic enough for you? Tours and trips here would always include hiking to see Mayan ruins, cave tubing, zip lining and more. Spas and reserves are good places to stay and spend the day in. You could also stay in hotels that have honeymoon suites.

Peru is another hotspot for honeymooners. It is a large country with a rich variety of culture, tradition and history. There are many things that you could do in Peru, wherever you want to stay. If you are staying in Machu Picchu for your Peru honeymoon, you could visit the mountains of Huayna Picchu, or the historical site of the Temple of the Three Windows, or the ancient ruins of Winawayna, or even the famous landmark of the Gate of the Sun.

Not all couples are interested in sight-seeing. Some of them in nature and wildlife. A Galapagos honeymoon would never be complete without learning about the islands and visiting wildlife areas. In fact, vacationers of Galapagos Island almost have one thing in common: they are animal lovers. If you are looking for more exciting things to do, why not try horseback riding, hiking on a volcano or interacting with some exotic animals like penguins or tortoises?

Bali, Indonesia is a popular place for honeymooners. Bali, a well-traveled destination, offers an array of accommodations fit for a backpacker and a discerning traveler. Bali is an island and anything water-related is a draw, though alternatively, the Balinese fair is delicious. Couples who love cooking could easily get excited when they hear of the cultural cooking experience that they could get from a Bali honeymoon.

If you want diversity, settle for nothing less than exotic honeymoon destinations in Australia. With animals seen in the country-continent of Australia alone, it could really be a haven for couples who love animals and sight-seeing. The tours on the Blue Mountain are such a fun thing and not many vacationers would dare miss it. An Australia honeymoon is all about secluded beaches, harbours and architecture, though the reefs of Australia are hard to miss.