Top 10 Zoos of the World

Establishment of Zoos is always evidence of species diversity and, of course, of human concern about lives of animals and their surroundings. Hence, it is interesting to know what countries and zoo parks are the most prominent in the world society.

1. One of the greatest ones is a Singapore Zoo, which occupies an area of 28 hectares in tropical forest. It is here one might be introduced to 3200 species of mammals, reptiles, fish and birds. Moreover, this Zoo is also a place of multiple unusual “babies”, which are the representatives of rare and endangered species like Nemean leaf monkey, white rhino, long-nosed monkey, sea cow and, of course, orangutan. Besides usual walk along the Zoo, there is an opportunity to ride on a boat on the reservoir, or on a small train and rent a scooter.

2. Ranua Wildlife Park, the northernmost zoo in the world, is also included in this list, which is situated in Finland. It is an area, where one might see arctic species in their natural environment, among which a polar bear is the famous one. 50 species and nearly 200 individuals are represented and, basically, all animals are seen within large families. This Zoo can also boast of Animal Park, opened in summer.

3. London Zoo is acknowledged the most scientific Animal Park in the world. Initially this zoological captivity was opened to scientists and students solely, but since 1847 it has established a public access. Nowadays it is a host for 755 species of animals and birds, the biggest of which are preserved in Zoo’s subsidiary in Bedfordshire. London Zoo is also an international record-holder: the world’s first terrarium was opened in 1849 there, as well as first aquarium in 1853 and insectarium in 1881.

4. The status of the best European Zoo belongs to Prague Zoo, which preserves 58 species from a Red Book and 14 species on the verge of extinction. The zoo deals with breeding of rare animals, such as Przewalski’s horse, giant turtle, endangered species of lizards, gavials, cats, antelopes, etc. Currently Prague Zoo is a home for 674 species, among which there are the Galapagos turtles: this Zoo appeared to be the only one providing perfect conditions for their living in captivity on the continent.

5. Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, founded in 1940, is a host for both, species, mentioned in Old Testament, and popular animals nowadays. Locating on 25 hectares of land, this captivity preserves nearly 200 species. The distinctive feature of this park is a presence of Noah’s Ark. It is said that its goal corresponds with goals of modern zoos – to preserve animals for future generations.

6. Chiang Mai Zoo in Thailand occupies an 81-hectare area and was established in 1977 as a first commercial Zoo in Northern Thailand. The variety of animals includes 400 species in addition to two large aquariums. In 2008 an aquatic tunnel with a length of 133 meters (the world’s longest tunnel aquarium) was opened to the public. There is also a night “safari” programme offered, during which a special tram drives visitors up to the giraffes, zebras, lions and rhinos.

7. 1500 species can be met at Berlin Zoo, founded in 1844. The characteristic feature of this Zoo is exhibiting the most spectacular animal species, which are raised within an area of the Zoo. Among most well-known there are Knut, a polar bear, and Bao Bao, a Giant Panda.

8. Being in the military spot, Baghdad Zoo has survived with 35 animal species out of 650 in 2003. After its reopening this Animal Park currently counts 1070 animals thankfully to the efforts of Anthony Lawrence, a zoologist from Zululand. He spent six months in Baghdad, curing survivors, and has already published a book “The Babylonian ark. The incredible rescue of the Baghdad Zoo during the war.”

9. The representatives of Australian species might be observed in Australian Zoo named after famous crocodile hunter Steve Irwin, who tragically died in 2006. The zoo contains a wide range of birds, mammals and reptiles, divided into several exhibition lots: the Crocoseum with snakes, birds and crocodiles, Africa (zebras, rhinos, giraffes), Tiger Temple demonstrating Bengal and Sumatran species, Elephantasia with three elephants, South-East Asian Precinct (Komodo dragons, red pandas, Asian small-clawed otters, and Burmese pythons) and Rainforest Aviary preserving raptors and birds of prey.

10. Miami Zoo is situated in the environment, where climate conditions allow raising African, Asian and Australia species. That is why it is a place, where you can see black rhinos, white tigers, Komodo lizards, gibbons and Cuban crocodiles. In addition, Miami Zoo has the largest open aviary in the U.S., which is a home for more than 300 species of rare birds.

Hence, as you see the most famous Zoo parks are located in different places around the world, but each of them has its distinctive features and spectacular species to show.