Tips For Visiting Bali

Bali is a wonderful place for a holiday, whether you bring the whole family or simply spend a little quality time together with a special person. Visitors will encounter a living culture that is truly exotic and still have modern amenities that one expects on a holiday. It is all set set amid some of the most gorgeous beaches, mountains and rice paddies in Southeast Asia. Be sure and get out of the busy tourist areas at some point and visit the mountains and Bali’s north coast. As a Western ex-pat based in Bali, I’ll share just a couple tips on Bali to keep in mind for your next visit-or your first visit!

One thing to consider is to avoid coming to Bali in the rainy season. While it’s not exactly monsoon-type weather as you would find in India, Bali does get a lot of rain even in the daytime, and the onshore winds will make your day beach just a little bit less enjoyable probably. It’s not that the weather gets cold in the rainy season, because this close to the equator is it’s quite warm all year round. Still, the amount of precipitation will definitely give your a visit a different feel than would have if you were to visit in the dry months. Bali’s Rainy Season extends roughly from October to May, although the beginning and the end of it is quite variable. If you come in the months between May and September you will probably find gorgeous tropical weather: still quite hot during the day, but cooling off to very comfortable, almost cool evenings.

Another Bali tip that I can offer you is to get out of the crowded beach areas like Kuta beach in the southern part of the island. Bali has so much more to offer you than just the hustle and bustle, shopping and partying. Take a day trip at least up through the mountainous center of the island or the gorgeous north coast of Bali i.e. the Singaraja and Lovina Beach area. There are some great old Lovina hotels, and you will be surprised to find how inexpensive they are. The ocean is a lot calmer on Bali’s north coast and the whole area feels in a way like a step back into the 1970s. The pace is much slower and you might find the tranquility that you were looking for when you made your travel reservations.

There is no shortage of Bali tips to be found online but more than anything you should give serious consideration to a visit to Bali. I hope you come sooner rather than later. You can make in Bali vacation into almost anything that you would like.