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Throwing a Fun Oscar Party for the Kids

A lot of people throw Oscar parties for their fellow friends and family members, especially if that person is an adult, but you can easily throw an Oscar party for the kids in your life. This is a great way to create a fancy party atmosphere that kids can love. It also helps to make the party more interesting for the adults who are attending as well.

You can get your kids involved in preparing for the party before it starts by cutting out and taping up construction paper stars and other movie themed decorations. A red plastic table cloth makes for a great red carpet to put out at the party and it will provide some protection for your carpeted areas in case there is a drink spill. For fun serve up Kool Aid in plastic light up LED wine glasses that the kids can drink from. They’ll love the lighted glows and you may find them turning off the lights so they can get a better glowing effect.

Put out serving trays of their favorite treats as appetizers at the party. Go ahead and put the spray cheese on some crackers or open a can of Vienna sausages. The kids will gobble up their favorite snacks.

At the party have the kids nominate other guests using handwritten voting ballots for different areas like, ‘Friendliest Guest’ and ‘Funniest Joke Teller.’ Then you can gather up the ballots and once you’ve counted the votes have an awards ceremony. At the ceremony hand out chocolate, foil covered ‘Oscars’ and of course save one for the honored birthday guest. Let everyone give their own speech and make the birthday boy or girl give a speech thanking all their guests for coming. For extra fun have someone serve as the paparazzi and take keepsake photos of the guests in front of a banner or on the red carpet.

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