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The World’s Top Geographical Wonders

The planet is home to many incredible natural geographic wonders that are beautiful, inspiring, and truly powerful. Visiting and viewing these incredible geographical wonders is a great way to spend a vacation. If you are considering visiting some of the world’s best natural wonders, below you will find some of the top geographical wonders:

Ayers Rock, Australia: Located in the Australian Outback just southwest of Alice Springs, Ayers Rock is a world famous and breathtaking geographical wonder. Ayers Rock has been listed two times as a World Heritage Site. One listing acknowledged its beauty and one acknowledged its beautiful paintings. The sacred name ‘Uluru’ originates from the Aboriginal people, which is why some people refer to this sandstone geographical wonder as the ‘Living Rock.’ Visitors will view spectacular rock caves, water holds, springs, and ancient paintings.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina and Brazil: Stretching along a 3km rim that runs along Argentina and Brazil, Iguazu Falls has a height of a 24 story building. When viewing Iguazu Falls from Brazil, you will see amazing and beautiful panoramic images. On the Argentina side, visitors will get a much more close-up view.

Gunung Mulu National Park, Borneo: Located in Borneo, Gunung Mulu National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This beautiful park is world famous for its caves and karst formations. The caves are the most extensive in the world and features rock pinnacles, nearly 200 metre indoor waterfalls, cliffs, and gorges. Gunung Mulu National Park sits in a beautiful mountain rainforest setting with Mount Mulu being the highest point. An incredible experience is watching millions of bats descend from the caves at night.

Grand Canyon, Colorado: Sixteenth-century Native Americans referred to this spectacular canyon as the “Ongtupqa,” from the Hopi language. The Grand Canyon was carved from the Colorado River over a period of millions of years. The Grand Canyon stretches 446km long and 29km wide and is almost 2km deep.

Great Barrier Reef, Northeaster Coast of Australia: The Great Barrier Reef consists of more than 900 islands and 2,900 individual reefs stretching over 2,600km. It is the world’s largest coral reef system and contains magnificent biological diversity. You can also snorkel and scuba dive.

Mount Everest: Mount Everest is the most famous mountain in the world. It is 8,848 metres high and is said to grow by 5mm each year. Its summit ridge marks the border between China and Nepal.

Aurora Borealis: You can view the spectacular Northern Lights in such places as: Alaska, Iceland, Sweden, Greenland, Finland, Norway, and Canada. It is a beautiful and unforgettable sight.Angel Falls, Venezuela: This amazing natural wonder is the highest free-falling waterfall in the world. It has a drop of 807 metres.

Paricutin Volcano, Mexico: In 1943, the Paricutin volcano erupted in a farmer’s cornfield in Mexico. It covered two villages. You can go to the top of the volcano, which is over 3km high, and at the top you can see a church sticking out of the hardened lava.

Amazon Rainforest: The Amazon Rainforest has a thick jungle and is home to many species of animals and plant life. The famous Amazon River runs though the Amazon rainforest which is more than 6280km long and extends along nine South American countries.

Visiting some of the world’s best geographical wonders is an experience you will never forget.