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The Most Beautiful Beaches in Southeast Asia (2)

If you go travelling in Southeast Asia, you should not miss the four beaches there as follows. And you will enjoy yourself on any of these beaches.

1. Jimbaran Beach, Indonesian

Jimbaran beach is located in Bali which is a scenic tourist destination. The beach is the most intimate place on the entire island, which is known for its beautiful sunset and the special operation method of fishermen. The original style of the small fishing village has not vanished by commercial activities. Instead, the villagers make the beach attractive with their unique passion and simplicity. And it is a joy for jogging along the beach. The fishermen here still use the old small canoe to sail off to sea.

2. Kuta Beach, Indonesia

It is the most lively area with largest number of tourists. In the past, it is only a small village while now it has become a bustling tourist destination. Kuta Beach is called the most beautiful beach in Bali. Though it is not suitable for boating or swimming for its strong winds and heavy seas, it is a good place to surf and it has attracted many young people who like pursuing excitement.

3. Sanur Beach, Indonesia

Sanur Beach is one of the initial developed seaside resorts. It was a small village near the sea originally, and then it leapt to one of the three recreation areas by its fascinating sea views. For those who love peace and quiet, the beach is the best choice. There are some well-equipped five-star hotels and garden hotels here. To choose Sanur for the vacation site not only make you enjoy noisy beauty, but allow you to watch the dramatic sunrise.

4. Boracay Beach, Philippines

Although the beach is not as well known as other beaches, it has won many awards with its white beach. The water here is very shallow, and the sand is brighter and smaller than that on other beaches. There are 350 scenic spots and 2,000 rooms here. So you will find what you are looking for. In addition, Boracay Beach also has a variety of restaurants, beer bars, small hotels and nightclubs.