The Dangers of Exotic Pets

Many people are excited by the idea of owning exotic pets. However, it can be difficult to keep and care for an exotic pet because its food and habitat may be hard to collect and reproduce. Additionally, these pets have often not been domesticated for thousands of years, such as cats and dogs. This can lead to dangerous situations for both the owner and any visitors.

First, exotic pets are dangerous because they may carry illnesses that can be given to other pets and even people. Researchers have performed multiple tests on dogs’ mouths and have found that they actually contain less bacteria than human mouths. However, this may not be the same for pets like Komodo dragons or monkeys.

Additionally, people and domestic animals like cats and dogs have lived side-by-side for thousands of years. Therefore, it is much easier for us to control these animals and predict the ways that they will react. For example, many dogs are most territorial when it comes to their food, favorite toy, and owners. You can avoid petting a dog while it is eating to avoid this first danger. However, we cannot predict the reactions of more exotic pets, such as wolves. Perhaps if you touch a wolf on its head, it will turn around and attack.

Next, exotic animals can be much stronger than people. For instance, some people choose to raise and keep chimpanzees as pets. There has been enough news recently about people getting attacked by these pets. Chimpanzees are smaller in size yet easily stronger than most humans, so it is very difficult to fight these creatures off if they attack.

Lastly, some exotic pets carry toxins or venom that is deadly. People may choose to keep and attempt to train reptiles such as rattlesnakes. However, when they feel threatened, these creatures will attack and pump toxic venom into your body.

Pet owners should always be responsible for their animals, and exotic pet owners must be even more responsible in order to protect guests and visitors from their potentially dangerous animals. However, if a pet owner fails in this duty to you, it can result in serious harm to you and those you love. If you have been injured by an animal attack, you should fight back by contacting a Sheboygan personal injury lawyer from Habush Habush & Rottier, S.C., today.