The Colours of Bali

Bali holidays are full of colour. Bali is a visually stimulating island of traditional costumes, brightly painted canoes and sailing boats on the shore, craft markets, and decorated dragons in the temples. In this article we explore the vibrant colours you can experience during your stay at the hotels in Bali.

Red Bali

Red is for chillis. Sambals are Balinese relishes made from red chilli, which are served with coconut rice. The food you’ll enjoy on Bali holidays is a regional take on Indonesian cuisine, with simple and tasty dishes like fried rice (nasi goreng) or fried chicken, Indonesian style.

Look out for the rosy glaze of Balinese roast pork during your meals. Called Babi Guling, this is probably the most popular dish of the Balinese people. It is prepared with chilli, coriander, garlic and lime leaves or lemon grass, and it’s spit-roasted until the meat is tender. Sometimes in Bali, pork is steamed in banana leaves; in either recipe and you are likely to see the see the pork presented on the table as a whole, shiny red pig.

Green Bali

Bali is a lush green island of rich forests and tropical gardens. In the forests around Ubud you can spot the playful monkeys, and there are elephants on the island too. One green haven often visited on Bali holidays are the waterfalls at Gitgit. Here, you can see clear water falling between the trees, hammering down from a height of forty metres as you float in the deep plunge pool below. Taman Burung is another attraction; the gardens are home to hundreds of bird species, including the rare and endangered Mynah bird. There are also magnificent colours to see at the Bali butterfly park, the largest butterfly sanctuary in Asia.

But you won’t have to travel far from your sun lounger to appreciate the verdant natural character of the island because the hotels in Bali have sophisticated, tropical and well-tended gardens, many with lively with hot pink and purple blossoms.

Yellow Bali

As well as the hot equatorial sun and the golden sandy beaches, yellow is the shade of the intricate decorative costumes worn by Bali’s dancers during graceful oriental performances of fan and butterfly dances.

The island has a number of diverse traditional performances: some are graceful ceremonial dances; others tell stories with masked characters representing mythical demons. Some shows are slapstick and comical, where the characters interact with the audience. You can enjoy dance shows daily on Bali holidays, and the town of Ubud is especially famous for this.

Blue Bali

The colour that brings most pleasure on Bali holidays is the beautiful blue of the ocean. Looking out from the beach, the clear water takes on a bright turquoise colour under the clear blue skies. Exploring the ocean will introduce you to an array of tropical fish with the variety of colours of a rainbow. You can take PADI Scuba diving courses in the warm ocean waters, made available by hotels in Bali such as the Legian Beach Hotel or The Oberoi Bali.

All these colours combine to make a Bali holiday a vivid and rich experience.