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The Best Time to Visit Borneo

The hot jungles of Borneo are tucked away in Malaysia, located in Southern Asia and surrounded by other exotic locations. A person looking to take a trip to Borneo is the sort of person who likes a unique trip, an unforgettable experience, and one that will truly appreciate all the wildlife and foliage. No matter what time of the year you visit, be prepared to handle some serious jungle weather!

Borneo, due to it’s location to the equator and ocean edge, is made up of dense rainforest with a climate that can be fussy and temperamental, so you should make sure you have plenty of gear for whatever excursion you set out on, whether it’s a wildlife safari or hike through the vegetation. The best times to visit are between March and October when the temperatures are not too hot and the rainy season has passed. Generally, Borneo is wettest during November all the way through February.

Temperatures in Borneo generally remain between around 70 to 90 F (21 to 32 C) throughout the year, but because it is a rainforest, you should expect extremely high humidity as well as the possibility of rain at any time. Keep a rain jacket with you and a solid pair of waterproof hiking boots for all your adventures so you can stay dry and comfortable as you trek through the hills and over rivers to see monkeys, Asian elephants, amazing bird life, and blooming fauna.

Likewise, avoiding the rainy season will also allow you more beach time as well as diving to see the myriad of creatures that live off the coast. The Borneo coast features a number of fish, from barracudas to hammerhead sharks, as well as smaller technicolored reef fish set to dazzle your eyes.

Most months are fine for visiting as long as you don’t mind a lot of rain during some of them. Locals are friendly and willing to help out tourists, and certain months see the celebration of festivals, such as the Harvest Festival in Sabah during May, known as Tadau Ka’amatan where you can enjoy music, dancing, laughter, and of course, plenty of feasting!

Borneo is an amazing place, so take your time to gaze up at the rainforest canopy. Keep an eye out for all the colorful birds, dancing for their mates; and listen to the cacophony of calls from monkeys, birds, big cats, and elephants. Party with the locals and simply have a wonderful time.