Teaching Kids About Animals

Children have the virtue of innocence. Their minds are pure and educating them about good values is worth every effort. Parents are the best teachers. As a child graduates from pre-school to a routine academic schedule, his primary values come to the fore. It is very easy to relate to the home environment, when a child articulates about certain subjects. It is the duty of parents to teach the kids about plants and animals.

From a very keen age, kids are attracted towards animals. This is more seen in the cartoons and caricatures that resemble animal species. Make it a point, to buy pictures of animals before you teach them numbers or alphabets. Colours are loved by children and shapes are enticing to them. Kids marvel at the shape and physical attributes of animals. Mimicry is another talent that kids have an inclination to. If we notice, there are so many nursery rhymes and songs that involve animals.

As you stroll in the pavement, let the child watch the strolling dog. If this is a routine activity, it will be natural that the child is attracted towards the dog. Let him hold the leash and feel his ears. A good wash at home and the child is germ- free. If you have pets at home, let the child learn to give. Take the help of your toddler, to organize a kennel and Sundays can be cleaning days. Let him shampoo the dog and towel him dry. These are steps towards bonding.

Make study times enjoyable, by setting a fortnightly timetable for teaching a new animal and its characteristics. Let them know the types of dogs and the species of the cat family. Dinosaurs are a very interesting animal subject and you will be amazed at the knowledge you get while teaching the child about extinct species. Teach the child that the little pig ‘mees’ and the horse ‘neighs’. Let them know that mammoth existed in the olden times.

Audio effects are loved by children. Make ‘moo’ sounds of the cow and ‘purr’ like a cat. Teach them the favourite foods of animals and also the homes of animals. Teach them about the cuddly young ones and that a kangaroo has a pouch to keep the ‘Joey’. It would be a good idea to tell the child about reptiles, mammals, water animals and terrestrials.

You will be surprised when the child is able to point out a Komodo dragon or an Armadillo and expresses that the fawn is the young one of a deer. Tell them to care about animals and as their level increases, bring to them the truths about wild life conservation and the effects of global warming. Kids are blessed with great grasping power and many times elders have to update their knowledge levels.