Taking Care of Your Computer – Clearing Java Cashe

It is very important that you do this 6 step process to clean your Java cash to improve your computer speed (This can hold viruses).

To do this you need to do these steps:

 1. Go to start

 2. Control panel

 3. On side switch to classic view

 4. Click on Java

 5. Go to cashe tab

 6. Press clear This will get rid of the built up files held by the Java cashe: A lot of viruses can be held in cash and temporary files, that is why it is very important for you to clean this area often; the more you use the internet and the Java program the more often you need to clean this area. I have seen many computers slow down because of too many cash files and temporary files being stored on the computer, this is no one’s fault, it is just part of operating a computer.

As more and more computers use the internet, there seams to be more people trying to write viruses to collect information from your computer, most of them are to see what your buying habits are, these are called keyloggers, they can watch your key strokes and then collect information that waym Malware is another problem that you need to watch for, always run programs that can detect  Malware and remove it.

There is a new Trojan virus out that attacks computers and you can not remove it only by formatting your had drive and reloading it, which makes you lose every thing so back up your files regularly!