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Surabaya Zoo – South Asia’s Largest Habitat of Wild Animals

Surabaya Zoo – South Asia’s Largest Habitat of Wild Animals

Surabaya, one of the biggest cities in Asia is the second largest city in Indonesia while being the capital of East Java. When considering the main attractions in the area, “Surabaya zoo” takes a leading position as one of the most visited attractions. It is the largest zoo in Southeast Asia occupying a width of over 15 hectares and has been divided into several fractions for aquarium and brine, Bird watching, night animals and for a large variety of mammals.

The zoo was opened to public on the 31st August 1916 by a group of animal lovers. Now it is estimated that over 3,500 animals representing more than 400 species are housed in the zoo including Indonesia’s rare and other endangered animals in the world. The tower in the zoo is a fantastic way to enjoy an all-inclusive panoramic view of the entire zoo. Visitors who would love to get on the back of the biggest mammal on earth will have the chance to have an exhilarating elephant back ride and also a camel ride.

Some of the interesting animal species include the Komodo which is a gigantic lizard natively from Komodo Island, the bekantan monkey, some tigers from Sumatra, five flamingoes of South America and the Jalak, a parrot from Bali can be mentioned as only few that drag the attention immediately once entered to the zoo.

The zoo has become a mode of getting spellbound by its mesmerizing aquarium that contains thousands of diverse sea animals and reefs. With the increasing number of its species and tourists the aquarium has been modifies several times from its opening. The skyscrapers of the zoo happen to be nothing else but its gigantic trees that have grown so high that they hide the sky of one’s view from the ground. The zoo offers some other additional services such as dining facilities, children’s playground and even insurance for and accidents.

Outside the zoo visitors can find a number of restaurants and some recreational areas which are close by. Furthermore for tourists spending a long vacation, a variety of Surabaya serviced apartments such as Somerset serviced apartments could be found within close proximity of the zoo.