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Stop in Exotic Ports of Call on a 5-star World

Stop in Exotic Ports of Call on a 5-star World Cruise

If you have ever wanted to travel the world and experience the sights and the culture of far off lands, you can do so when you take a 5-star world cruise. Amidst luxuries you can only dream about, you can sail the seas of the world and visit more than 40 different ports of call on five of the world’s continents.

Start your voyage of discovery in Los Angeles and sail westward on a luxury around the world cruise across the Pacific to sample the delights of the Marquesas Islands. Experience the sounds and tastes of French Polynesia where you can have a picnic under the palm trees.

The skyline of Sydney Harbour dominated by the world-famous Opera House will set the stage for your shore excursion in this wonderful city. This city is on the itinerary of ports of call for most cruise lines that offer around the world cruises along with other Australian destinations such as Perth and Melbourne. Sail across the Indian Ocean to discover the cultures and beauty of such island nations as Bali and Borneo.

Stop at various destinations in the Far East where you can explore ancient monuments of which you have only heard or read about. These dazzling structures will amaze you and cause you to stop and ponder the skill of the ancient artisans. Taste the fine foods of Vietnam as you sit in a small cafe taking in the foot traffic that walks the streets.

Travel on to Singapore and explore the ports of call in India. See the sites of Dubai and ports in the Gulf of Oman before you make your way back through the Suez Canal and into the Mediterranean. Cross the Atlantic and make several stops in the Caribbean before you disembark from the cruise ship in a Florida port, usually Fort Lauderdale.

The choices are many in a 5-star world cruise because there are nine cruise lines that offer this once in a lifetime experience. You will need to have at least three months free time in order to take in the full cruise and some cruises are over four months in duration. If you only have a month or so, you can opt to join the cruise at a specific port of call and journey to several of the destinations before returning home.

The ports of call are not the only exotic features of a 5-star world cruise. The cruise ships have often been called floating 5-star hotels with the addition of waking up to a different scene each day instead of remaining in the same location. The luxuries are beyond compare from the decorations, furnishings and amenities.

Around the world cruise ships are famed for the cuisine offered to the passengers prepared by world renowned chefs. You don’t even have to take any of the shore excursions if you wish to remain aboard the ship and just take in the scenery from your balcony. Your comfort comes first with the crew and the ships have enough crew members to provide you with individualized attention.

Why not spend a few months being pampered and not having to worry about your day to day chores? Relax in your stateroom, order room service, take a few laps of the pool, work out in the gym or enjoy the pampering that only a spa can give. This is just a bird’s eye view of what awaits you in a 5-star world cruise.