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Some Facts About Palawan

Palawan is one of the provinces that can be found in the Philippine archipelago and is situated in the region of MIMAROPA with Puerto Princesa City as its capital. This province is perhaps the biggest one in the whole of the Philippines if jurisdiction were to be the issue as its islands span across all the way from Mindoro towards the south west, in Borneo, and lies in the middle of the Sulu Sea in the south eastern portion of the country and the north western in the South China Sea. The approximate measurement of the land mass of the island is about four hundred fifty kilometres or two hundred eighty miles long, and fifty kilometres or thirty one miles wide. Other general information regarding the province may be read in various books in the shops for one who wishes to find out more.

Many islands, both big and small, rocky coves and powdery white beaches can be found all over the province as it is the bastion of a great stretch of unspoiled forests found all over its mountain ranges. Some of the mountains found here are about three thousand five hundred feet in height or more, plus many rivers, foothills, deltas of the valley and vast forests are spread with the rivers flowing through it. The province has an old history which can dates back to over twenty thousand years ago as archaeologists have discovered many fragments of bones of what is called the Tabon Man who are said to be cave dwellers that originated all the way from Borneo. It is in the municipality of Quezon that the caves were found and are recognized as the Cradle of Civilization of the Philippines.

During the time of the Spanish colonization in the Philippines, the pirates were first known to exist during this time as one of the chieftains and his men were captured by the Spaniards who then were demanding ransom from them. Eventually, as years passed, the Spanish left the island during the turnover to the Americans. Many construction projects, most especially involving the creation of schools and agriculture were prioritized. However, during the dawn of the Second World War, massacres had taken place on the island due to the invasion of the Japanese. It is for this reason that Palawan today has many remnants of Japanese war ships underneath its waters, and is one of the best and most visited dive sites in the entire Philippines apart from other diving areas in the archipelago.

Popular tourist destinations in Palawan are of course, the capital which is Puerto Princesa, Coron for its good dive spots and World War 2 wrecks, and El Nido which is about an eleven hour journey by public transport from the capital, for its numerous resorts and various islets located around the area, not to mention that crystal clear waters surrounded by natural coves. Various types of marine life are here for the tourist and the divers to see. There are many dolphins, for instance, that swim across the many islands that are still a part of the province.

These are only a few of the general information regarding the province of Palawan. For those who wish to travel to the Philippines, it is always good to learn more about the place.