Snorkeling Vacations

Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean are popular locations for snorkeling vacations, along with Australia and Bali.

Bali is known for its temples and volcanoes. Rich in culture and mythology, a world of sensory delights is opened to travelers of all ages. The island boasts of mountain streams and beaches lined with palm trees where Technicolor fish, including the kingfisher are in abundance. There are also tropical retreats famous for their spas, cuisine and pools. The Ayung River in Bali is located amidst a rain forest and surrounded by teak trees.

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is one of the most accessible reefs offering snorkeling opportunities with many guided tours available. Many of the day trips take place at the inter-reef islands like Michaelmas Cay, Green Island and Fitzroy Islands.

Some tours offer a chance to simply walk onto a beach and into the water instead of jumping from a boat. Resting buoys are placed a distance from each other, giving the tourists a chance to come up and rest during their tour. Float coats, designed to give extra buoyancy are also available. Many of the sites in the Reef are very shallow with warm water.

The requisites for these snorkeling vacations are medical certificate, proof of identity, sunscreen, hat and protective t-shirts, preferably Lycra, to be used while snorkeling. Water should be kept handy to ward off dehydration while playing under the hot tropical sun.