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Singapore Zoo

To many Singaporeans, the Singapore Zoo is called the Mandai Zoo. It first opened back in 1973, June 23rd to be exact, and occupied a total area of 40 hectares. With government funding, you can expect to see a total of 315 different species of animals, including some of Singapore’s endangered species. For people looking to experience wild life in one of Asia’s biggest countries, look no further than the Mandai Zoo, as it attracts millions of visitors and tourists every year.

What sets the zoo apart from the rest of the worldwide competition is how attractive it actually is during night. The zoo can be seen as an open zoo, filled with such spacious features that give off the feeling of actually being in the midst of a safari, surrounded by a host of different animals. One such famous attraction for visitors, both local and international, would be the Orangutans. These are apes which the visitors can feed themselves, as there is a “breakfast with the Orangutan” event held every day, allowing visitors the opportunity to mingle with the orangutans and have a fun-filled time in the zoo. They are considered to be very friendly and make for an enjoyable experience with children looking to mingle with these apes.

Another attraction which has set it apart from all the other zoos you’ve visited is the number of rides which zoo visitors can try out. These are rides suited for all ages, ranging from horse carriages, pony rides as well as other animal rides which will guarantee an enjoyable visit to the zoo, even garnering a second or third visit as your stay in Singapore. Since there is a first-hand interaction with the animals themselves, it will serve as a fascinating experience for children and adults alike. With the zoo staff willing to provide you assistance, you are guaranteed the utmost safety as well as lot of delight.

If you’d like, you can sign up for the “Friends of the Zoo” program which gives you a pass entitling you to yearly access to the zoo. This pass will let you enjoy many of the zoo’s special privileges such as free entrance for the entire year, expense-free tram rides, a lot of free magazines about the local wildlife as well as a 10% discount for selected retail outlets.

The Singapore Zoo offers a fun time unlike any other. Apart from the beauty that the zoo exudes, amidst all the wildlife that will surely captivate the imagination of both nature and animal lovers, you’ll get to experience the same thrills of an amusement park, with immediate interaction with the animals being the number one source of enjoyment.