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Sea World Indonesia – South East Asia’s Largest Saltwater Aquarium

Sea World Indonesia – South East Asia’s Largest Saltwater Aquarium

It is not surprising that the largest archipelago of islands in the world has one of the finest aquariums in the regions. Sea World Indonesia is a delight to any visitor. Among the multi colored fish and the shimmering water it is easy for anyone to imagine that they are indeed swimming with the fishes in the ocean. Sea World Indonesia breaks away from the traditional norm of an aquarium by putting its main focus on entertainment rather than conservation. That being said the aquarium conforms to all Western standards; yet, with its subtle differences in layout and design manages to offer the visitor a unique experience.

The variety of marine life that you will get to see here is diverse to say the least, ranging from salt water species, fresh water species to endemic Indonesian crustaceans. At the centre’s vivarium, which is also one of the most popular areas, one can see native Coconut crabs, stroke a sea turtle and gasp in awe at the powerful sharks.

The total number of species found here is close to 3,500, which make up almost one-third of the entire amount of species discovered in the world’s oceans. These mind blowing varieties of saltwater fish are housed in what has been declared Southeast Asia’s largest salt water aquarium. The freshwater enclosures feature electric eels and many other exotic types of fish, particularly those from the Amazon River.

The best time to visit the Sea World Indonesia aquarium is during the morning, when one would be able to avoid the hordes of tourists that flock here regularly. Due to its central location, the aquarium can be easily accessed by visitors staying at one of the Jakarta serviced apartments offered by Somerset Grand Citra.