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Scuba Diving With Sharks

Anyone who is considering going scuba diving in the deep seas should be prepared for encounters with sharks. They have ruled the oceans for millions of years and have adapted to the environment over the ages.

While going through your diver training, you should be taught how to deal with sea creatures and how to experience the wonders of the oceans without causing any harm to them. There are various places around the world, and specifically in Europe, which has large aquariums where there are tanks where you can participate in encounters with sharks.

Nurse sharks and Sand tiger sharks are the kinds, which are usually kept at these aquariums. The Sand tiger sharks are night feeders, so that they seem to be swimming around and not feeding when people see them in aquariums during the day. They look quite hostile and have a lot of sharp teeth, which stick out. Nurse sharks are the type, which mostly rest at the bottom and are immobile, unless they get a choice piece of squid handed to them, which they take and eat.

If you want to be a diver, it is of prime importance that you are trained in what you should do in case you have an encounter with a shark by going to these shark tanks. It will help you deal with the situation when you dive in seas and oceans. You have to build up a calm attitude and a reasonable understanding of how to treat sharks, which will be advantageous for you, if you have to deal with one in the open ocean.

These shark dives in the tanks teach you that these huge creatures of the sea can and will get very close to you. You should not panic but gradually back away from it and give it space. This sort of training is essential to developing diver awareness.

A group of people who took part in one such shark dive in an aquarium had a few encounters with sharks both during the day and night. They saw white tip reef sharks and blue sharks. This dive gave the group a great understanding of how to handle themselves in such encounters, and learned to move away and act calmly. Since they had experience of a shark encounter, an actual dive in the open sea was easier for them to handle.

Aquarium shark dives will teach you how to be composed and unperturbed when you meet them. If you panic, then your nervousness will convey itself to the sharks. Being able to keep yourself calm is one of the major ways in which you can feel a lot safer when diving in areas where there are many large sharks.

Instead of letting your fear of sharks stand in the way of your exploring the deep, taking part in an aquarium dive will take the fear out of you and leave you free to enjoy yourself.

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