SCJP Certification Benefits and Job Roles

SCJP is actually known as Sun certified Java programmer. From the name itself it is clear that this certification validates the skills and knowledge that are required to design Java applications with the help of the tool called SE 5.0 technology. There are several certifications related with Java platform and they are: SCWCD (Sun certified web content developer) for J2EE platform, SCJD (Sun certified java developer), SCBCD (Sun certified business component development) etc.

In order to obtain this SCJP certification, candidates need to take up an examination and also to score minimum scaled points in order to pass the examination. The following are the exam details for this SCJP certification and they are:

1)Initialization, declaration and scoping2)API contents3)Flow control4)Concurrency5)Fundamentals of Java6)Generics or collections7)OO concepts.

Certification is awarded by Sun. This certification is awarded in two versions. They are: SCJP 5 CX-310-055 AND SCJP 6 CX -310-065. The only difference between these two certifications is the passing score. The minimum score for SCJP 5 CX-310-055 is 59% and for SCJP 6 CX-310-065 is 62%. It is always recommended to choose for SCJP 6 CX-310-065 certification as this is the latest version.

Job roles for SCJP certified candidates:

The following are the job roles for SCJP certified candidates and they are:

1)Web programmer2)Web developer3)Application programmer4)Software developer.

The following are the benefits of SCJP certification and they are:

1)Since SCJP certification validates to the skills that are required Sun java products as well as to its related latest technologies. 2)Candidates who are holding their SCJP certification will be given first preference in employment opening and also in promotion level point of view.3)Candidates with SCJP certification will be having adequate knowledge in networking field and other related technologies. This will upgrade their credentials and also they will be hired from a particular company easily. 4)SCJP certified candidates can get their job easily and also they get paid with more salary as well.