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Sanur – Shopping, Dining, Everything!

Sanur village faces 3 kilometers of coastline, a place where the island’s spirit can always be relished and enjoyed. The area is heaven for shopping, eating, sightseeing, almost for everything! People say Sanur beach is the best spot for watching sunrise and you can go to Matahari Beach to watch the best sunrise. Regarding the accommodation, Sanur hosts many beachfront properties from jasmine hotels, cottages, private villas, or five star hotels. Here, the holiday goers would love to enjoy eating out in fine beachfront restaurants and cafes. Sanur is also the perfect place for inspired shopping, fine art galleries, and cultural attractions.

Sanur Beach is frequently chosen for beginner surfers and perfect for playing canoe, jukung, sailing, and the other water sports. Sanur was very prominent area in the Bali’s history and the beach was the first place when Netherlands landed on the island of Bali in 1906. The first war between Netherlands against the Balinese people occurred in Sanur. The more holidaymakers choose Sanur as their destinations due to its trouble-free access and short closeness to some of interesting sightseeing objects. And also the transportation is effortless, taxi and public buses are everywhere. Renting a car also sounds sensible and affordable when you stay in Sanur.

For those who are weary for staying at hotel rooms are recommended to choose a private luxury villa in Sanur. Sanur has numerous private villas, from the affordable to the sleek and expensive ones. Although many villas in Sanur are modernly designed, still it’s easy to find the villa buildings that look so idyllic in Balinese-style. These villas are featured by Alang-Alang thatched roof supported by ornately carved pillars. The traditional elements blend with a wide range of philosophies creating beautiful and tranquil retreats for tropical holiday enthusiasts from around the world. Barbeque or private gathering party can also be arranged.

If you prefer Sanur as your haven for your tropical holiday and you stay in one of the finest luxury villas, then dining options are so endless. It’s easy to find places to eat along the main roads. Sanur will please your appetite by providing a profusion of cheap eateries to the exclusive beachfront restaurants and cafes. Danau Poso, Danau Tamblingan, or Pantai Sindhu streets are places to taste different dishes, from Seafood, Balinese, Indonesia, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, French, to fast food. Moreover, the Sanur night market is also worth checking out to savor local foods at more affordable prices.

Shopping in Sanur is not always expensive, especially if compared to Nusa Dua shopping centers or Ubud’s fine art galleries. If you are about to buy souvenirs you may visit Sanur Beach Market. Situated on Jalan Segara Ayu, and within short walks from the private villas, this market pampers you with an extensive array of cheap Bali souvenirs that you won’t find elsewhere. Be it Jaya Kusuma Art Market, Pasar Sindhu Art Market, and Double U, those are heavens for Bali souvenir seekers. It’s exciting to buy affordable t-shirts, sarongs, wood carving, and more, at half the price you would pay in more exclusive boutiques or shopping malls. All in all, Sanur will spoil you with the fine choices.