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Safari World – Wild and Amusing

Wildlife World is such an escapade that fulfills every aspect of an adventure, excitement, fun and education for all into one wild ride. Buy your ticket at the counter and you are off. Safari world is a 45 minute ride excursion to see some rare species in the animal kingdom by coach or vehicle. Natural enclosures keep some of the endangered mammals on earth at Safari World. There is a Lion and Tiger feeding show at the facility which is a real crowd pleaser. English speaking guides are available and you will encounter hundreds of animals from all over the world at this facility. The Rainforest Aviary is a birdwatcher’s paradise and is enough to make a bird lover even out of a novice. You can pose with the orangutans at the Safari Station and go for a stroll in the Jungle Walk Safari Station to the feeding station where you can feed giraffes.

Safari World is not your traditional zoo experience: exhibits of animals in captive. There are chimpanzees in cute boxing shorts, paired with gloves, fighting one another and performing more tricks that will make you laugh or marvel at their mathematical skills at the Orangutan Boxing Show. A cowboy show with outlaws and renegades and comedic action thrown in for good measure and a spy chase with hi-tech special effects and laser tricks in “Spy War” are some of the unconventional shows you will find at Wildlife World.

Enter the Marine World and kiss a dolphin, shake hands with it and let it entertain you with acrobatic summersaults, singing of choruses and spectacular dives into the water. Polar bears will indulge you with more tricks. A great learning experience awaits you at the “Egg World” which is a state of art incubator facility, here visitors can learn how these incubators work through videos and posters and see how a baby parrot is being fed by a zoo keeper. They are also skeletons of egg laying animals such as crocodiles, turtles and more. Marine world has eight shows that are mix of stunts and animal performances.

Jungle Cruise, the flume ride with the Amazonian theme, is made entertaining with latest animatronics and of crocs and ominous looking Gorillas and more and other decent looking props and sound effects for sheer effect of riding over treacherous waters in ‘forbidden’ territory. Carp Garden exhibit, Tapir Kingdom, Croc Garden, Macaw Island and Adventure Island and Game town are some of the other performance and exhibits that deserve your attention.

There are two buffet restaurants at strategic spots at Safari World, a fast food restaurant serving international flavoured meals while eateries and drink stalls are found throughout the park. Coaches are available for hire anytime you wish. A gift shop is available to buy local crafts and other souvenirs from dolphin tees to glassware.