Rendang Padang Recipes

Rendang Padang means beef cooked in typical way by the people from Padang.

The recipes were inherited by their ancestors.

Padang is an area di West of Sumatera Island in Indonesia.

Ingredients required:

1. Tender beef – 4 kgs (1 kg of meat cut into 16 pieces). The meat taken from the “round” part of the beef.2. Coconut milk taken from 15 coconuts3. Kendis acid – 10 seeds4. Lemongrass – 5 stems, to be beaten.5. Turmeric leaf – 4 sheets6. Kaffir lime leaves – 15 sheets7. Salt proportionally.8. Large red pepper mill – 0.8 ounces9. Walnut milled – 7 ounces10. ground ginger – 4 ounces11. laos rollers – 0.5 kg12. seasoning blends which are made from: kapol, sensitive, nutmeg, clove, anise, cumin, chili java games kapol green, cinnamon, coriander, black pepper – 3.5 ounces13. Red onion – 4 ounces and garlic – 4 ounce to be blended using a blender.


– All the ingredients above (except meat), to be put together at once into a large pot and cooked.- Stir continually until the sauce become thicken and in order not to let the coconut milk break. When sauce starts producing the oil, put the pieces of meat into it.- Stir continually in order to not to let the sauce burnt.- To spice more pervasive, adjustable flame – slow down the flame, stirring frequently, until the meat well cooked.