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Raw Foods Weight Loss – Why It Melts Fat Automatically

Raw Foods Weight Loss – Why It Melts Fat Automatically and Effortlessly

If you are like majority of people in the modern western society who are overweight and obese you’ll find you can shed the pounds while eating like a pig if you start eating more nutritious and high water content raw foods.

Eating raw foods can produce rapid weight loss results because they fill you up on fewer calories and also because they’re much lower in toxins than cooked foods.

Did you know that if the body does not have enough energy to rid your body of deadly toxins that it will instead try to store those toxins in a relatively safe place? And in the wisdom of the body it stores these toxins away from your vital organs in your fat cells.

So when you dramatically lower your toxic load you also can drop excess pounds rapidly. This is the raw foods weight loss secret so that you can keep losing weight.

In 2004 I made a drastic change in my diet and I lost 30 pounds in the first month. Plus I lost another 20 pounds by the end of month three. I did not realize that my almost 200 pound body was holding onto at least 50 pounds of junk fat and excess water.

I made a very rapid change going from a typical modern western diet where most of the food is cooked and denatured to a raw vegan diet consisting of fresh and whole nature’s foods.

My body had lots of vitality as I was only in my 20’s and it got into action melting my blubber very quickly. It literally got rid of the stored toxemia along with the junk fat and excess water that it was using to store these toxins in.

Another Raw Foods Weight Loss Secret is that raw foods like fresh ripe fruits and tender green leafy vegetables are very easy and quick to digest. This by itself gives your body an edge by saving a ton of energy that it can instead put into detoxifying and shedding the excess fat from your body.

When you combine this next secret you will find that raw foods really give you a Samurai sword edge at cutting away that whale blubber that most people are married to most of their lives.

Raw foods digest completely vs. the typical cooked and refined to death “civilized foods” digest only partially. Massive toxemia is generated this way daily because whatever does not get properly digested starts to ferment and or putrefy. That is why most people stink like hyenas and need to use lots of deodorants.

Your body is super intelligent and it knows that it does not want to hold infinitely large food reserves in the form of body fat. This would be to the detriment of its ability to move and function well.

The body needs to be able to escape from dangerous animals and to move vast distances to find food sources. It also needs to be strong and agile enough to climb trees to acquire the food it needs. This is what our bodies would have to do if we were living in nature like we use to do many thousands of years ago.

How long do you think a chimpanzee or orangutan would survive if it was obese and could not get its food and could not escape from predators?

Most people’s bodies are unable to keep up with the elimination of toxins that they are exposed to on a daily basis. So the body holds excess fat and water for the purpose of storing toxins that it did not have enough time or energy to eliminate. This way the body copes easier with the elimination deficit and debt because there is less harm to store the toxins in fat and water than to store it in vital organs.

This raw foods weight loss information will help you automatically and effortlessly melt your fat. Even if you maintain the same exercise or physical activity as before consuming raw foods your body will have much less to deal with and start to eliminate those stored toxins and excess fat.

Enjoy your raw foods and I hope you will start shedding that whale blubber that your body was coerced to hold because it had no other choice to deal with toxins.

Hope you melt all the fat you desire to.


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