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Protecting and Using Outdoor Furniture During the Winter Months•KANG DADANG Blog
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Protecting and Using Outdoor Furniture During the Winter Months

Are you getting your outdoor furniture ready for the winter? Before you do, consider the option of actually using it. There are options available that allow you to use your deck, porch, garden and patio furniture comfortably during the winter months. Some of these same options also help you to protect your furniture as well.

Most people know many ways to protect their outdoor furniture. However, not many people consider actually using and enjoying it during the winter months. This article will explain both protecting as well as using your patio, garden, deck and porch furniture during the winter months.

Protecting your furniture is easy. If you have foldable furniture, you can easily store it in a shed or garage. Another option for all outdoor furniture is to use furniture covers. You will want to make sure your covers are the correct size to completely cover your furniture. If it is wood furniture, you want to be certain the furniture is completely dry before placing it in storage. If it is damp or wet when placed in storage it may mildew and turn black. Some metal furniture may rust if stored while damp or wet. Also, it is very important to wash Western Red Cedar and Teak outdoor furniture before placing it in storage. Do not use a pressure washer, this may scar wood furniture. Hand wash Cedar and Teak with a mild soap and water, check all hardware and make sure it is not loose or rusting. If the hardware is rusting, you may want to replace it before putting the furniture in storage.

Rather than putting your furniture in storage during the winter months, why not use it? One way to comfortably use your outdoor furniture is by purchasing a canvas canopy with the side panel accessories and using patio heatersto provide a warm place to enjoy the furniture during the winter months. You may even be able to find side panels which are clear. If you have a covered patio, you can make your own side panels from clear plastic, creating an enclosure, and use chimineas, fire pits or patio heaters which will provide a comfortable area in which to enjoy your furniture during the winter. The same thing can be done with gazebos, carports, etc. By using these methods you are also protecting your outdoor furniture during the winter as well as using it.

Whether you put your outdoor furniture in storage, cover it, or use it during the winter months, you should maintain it according to the manufacturers’ suggestions. This will prolong the life and beauty of your outdoor furniture for years to come.