Plush Stuffed Animals Add Life To Decor

Are you looking for a way to add a little life to your décor? Here are some great ideas to do just that with the use of plush stuffed animals. You can expand on a theme, create a cozy atmosphere, or add to your favorite collection theme.

Choose a Theme

Any décor will look more together if you first select a theme. Do you like a cozy country feel to your home? Do you want something a bit wilder or exotic? Pick something that appeals to you. Choose your furniture, rugs and draperies in colors and styles that create that mood or theme. Now add a bit of fun and life to that décor with plush stuffed animals.

Adding stuffed animals to a themed décor

There are many ways you can add stuffed animals to any room in the house. Let’s consider a country theme for example. Rather than just having throw pillows, why not add a large stuffed animal instead. Perch a large posable bunny at the end of the sofa. Imagine resting your head in the lap of a very large floppy-ear bunny. Not only is it cozy, but, it adds a great conversation piece! Select a few smaller animals such as a lamb, squirrel, duck, skunk or raccoon to pose in a wicker basket lined with a small quilt or some gingham. Or pose them against some potted or silk plants. Now you are adding a bit of life to your décor!

Want a few more ideas? Pose a stuffed animal kitten over the edge of a basket of colorful balls of yarn. Have a plush beaver sprawled on top of your basket of fireplace logs.

Use stuffed animals in any room in the house

Pose a skunk holding the can of room freshener in your bathroom. Perch a stuffed animal squirrel on top of a bowl or basket of in- the-shell nuts in the kitchen or dining room. Sit a giant moose in a rustic chair in the den. Place a large stuffed animal dolphin or whale next to your fish aquarium for a real splash of interest.

Does your family room have rustic outdoor theme? Add some realistic looking stuffed animal bears, fox or raccoons in a grouping on the floor, hearth or in a chair.

Panda bears make a great statement in an oriental theme. Pose a large panda beside a potted bamboo plant. Place some small pandas on an end table by an oriental lamp or vase.

Stuffed animals can be more than just toys in a child’s room

Do you have themed décor in your child’s room? If you have a décor such as cowboys/cowgirls, consider adding a couple of posable horses. You could pose them on the bed, dresser or a side chair. Your child would also have a cuddly soft toy to hug and love.

Is your child’s room a jungle? Add a large orangutan, tiger or lion. A Noah’s Ark theme has endless possibilities with pairs of stuffed animals. A pair of giraffe, tigers, horses, cats, dogs or any animals your child is fond of.

There are many varieties of animals you could consider and your child would be delighted to have cuddly plush stuffed animals in his or her room.

Be Creative

There are many ways you can use stuffed animals in your home decorating. Determine your theme, browse the selection of animals in that category, and select the ones that you like. Look around your home. You may be surprised at the many places you can add plush stuffed animals. Be creative, have fun and enjoy the results!