Overlooked Questions When Hiring A Kids Magician

There is one particular question that has to be the most overlooked question that parents and event organizers fail to ask when interviewing a prospective magician for a kids’ birthday party.

And it really is not their fault because it takes somebody who understands the performing arts and specifically how magic shows for youngsters work to be able to realize just how important this single question really is.

You see too many magicians for children’s’ events have experience with very small sized audiences. If you are dealing with very few kids making a connection and keeping their attention will not be too difficult.

But change the size of the audience to a larger one and the magician with limited experience will run into serious problems. The general feel of a larger event is something very different and there is really no substitute for experience here.

But be careful about your guest numbers. Don’t forget that if you have never had any experience controlling a large number of children congregated in one place my advice is that you talk to somebody who has. This will help you keep your feet on the ground so that when you make your decision on how many young guests to have over you know exactly what to expect. But while you are at it, it is important that you try your very best to ensure that your child will not hurt the feelings of some of his friends in school when he does not invite them.

Equally important is the type of event being considered. Ask the performer that you are interviewing if they have experience working with events similar to yours. The feel of a church program is very different than a school banquet. Does the person have experience with the specific type of event you are holding? If not, what similar event have they performed in?

Magic shows may look very simple to organize and execute, but this is not true and many of the people who have quickly rushed into it as a vocation with easy bucks have quickly found out how demanding and taxing it can be.

Parents and event organizers should also realize that getting anything less than an experienced professional may not work out too well if you expect to have a fairly large audience.

For this reason it is imperative that you find the time to talk at length with your magician before you arrive at a decision.