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Orchids – Denrodium Orchids in Particular – Why Are They

Orchids – Denrodium Orchids in Particular – Why Are They So Special?

Denrodium orchids are one of the major and biggest classifications of orchids. This category is composed of around 1200 species and occurs in diverse habitats, in different regions of south, east and southeast Asia, concentrated particularly in the Philippines, Borneo, Australia, New Guinea, Solomon Islands and New Zealand.

This species is in fact, so diverse that a number of them have adapted to a wide variety of habitats, from as high as the altitudes of the Himalayan mountains to the tropical forests in the lowlands. Some species of denrobium orchids can even be found in the dry climate of the Australian desert.

Due to its variety, it is quite hard to identify key characteristics of this genus. Some of them may have pseudobulbs, while others may not. Some are evergreen while the others are deciduous and shed their leaves in fall and in winter. Their colors are also varied: they may come in virtually all colors of the rainbow.

Denrobium orchids are also prized as cut flowers, not only because of their vibrant and distinctive coloring, but also because of their sturdy stems. Typically, the bases of the sepals are attached to the foot of the stem, and the lip forms a small mentum or “chin” which houses nectar. Denrobium orchids are also noted for their ability to remove toluene and xylene from the air.

As mentioned, the genus is commonly further classified into deciduous and evergreen. The evergreen Denrobium orchids are strikingly beautiful plants, with leafy foliage that evokes grace and beauty. They have cane- like stems which are especially useful in storing enough moisture and food to help the plant to survive even in periods of extreme drought.

You may find deciduous Denrobiums, on the other hand, to be quite peculiar- looking. After their leaves drop off, they become dry and appear as shriveled bamboo like canes. What is amazing is that their flowers are much more spectacular, blooming from the nodes of the dry canes.

Another key difference between the two is that deciduous Denrobium orchids bloom on old wood, while evergreen Denrobium orchids thrive on the new growth. Both may be accommodated in the warm house, and removed to a cooler spot when in rest.

Among horticulturists, the Denrobium orchid is usually called as Den. Some of the species are highly prized by orchid enthusiasts, and this has led to the creation of a number of hybrids. The nobile breed, in particular, has extended the range of colors of the Den orchids, making it a top favourite. Their vibrant colors include different nuances of white, pink and purple, with the lip, a marked and beautiful contrast of color.

The flowers of one particular species, Cuthbertson’s denrobium have been reported to last up to ten months each. Other universally liked species include the Dendrobium loddigesii, Dendrobium kingianum, Dendrobium bellatulu, and these are prized for their beauty and elegance.

Taking care of your Denrobium orchids may take some time and effort but it is surely worth it. So get started and happy growing!