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Orangutan Management

There was a Swedish TV Show that was showing all the different acts similar to the Ed Sullivan show years ago and they had a trainer and his orangutans. The orangutans were a unbelievable hit because they would make their trainer do all these dumb tricks while they acted like smart intelligent entertainers. When they asked the trainer how he trained new orangutans to do all these incredible tasks he said that he just showed them love and followed them around for a few weeks and found out what they liked to do and incorporated what they liked to do into a act.

Stuart Lichtman a brilliant entrepreneur, has been asked by many venture capital clients to rescue companies. He has always done the orangutan management method with fantastic results.

He intuitively watch for what people in the company liked to do and then structure things so that they would do what they liked in a way that was aligned with his vision for the company.

As managers, leaders, or entrepreneurs, we oppose what comes natural only at our own risk. The case books are full of examples.

When we flow with what is natural and enjoyable and that also fits in appropriate vision for our business our businesses are productive chica-online.de,involved and filled with energy. When we do the opposite we get procrastination, a lot of illness, late deliveries, high turnover, negative conversations, and other forms of avoidance.

Which works better? The answer seems obvious. Why not create a business that involves their employees doing what they like to do.

Whether within a organization or within ourselves these techniques marshal the inventiveness to bridge between what makes us happy and whats required.

It is easy, exciting, involving, and the results are satisfying.