ORA-29532 Error During Oracle 11g Warehouse Builder Install on Microsoft

ORA-29532 Error During Oracle 11g Warehouse Builder Install on Microsoft Vista

Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) Release 11g is included in all Oracle Database 11g installations. OWB is Oracle’s tool for metadata and data management. OWB also provides data quality, ETL, dimensional modeling, and data auditing.

I recently installed the Oracle Database 11g on my computer which runs Microsoft Vista.

I was in the process of running the Repository Assistant of OWB and at the installation stage of 76% completion; I received the following error message:

The Warehouse Builder workspace owner installation failed on user OWBSYS.

Exception occurred in ‘processSPAWN’.java’lang.Exception: Error: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-29532: Java call terminated by uncaught Java exception: java.sqlSQLException: OWBSYS is not granted access to c:oracleproduct11.1.0db_1/owb/bin/admin/rtrepos.propterties: Please run UnifiedRepos/reset_owbcc_home.sql specifying the path of the Oracle Home from which the Control Center Service is being run.

At times while installing applications, Oracle JVM will give the ORA-29532 error message when permissions are not granted. The ORA-29532 error message is stating that the OWBSYS user is not granted access to the rtrepos.properties file. The suggested solution is to run the reset_owbcc_home.sql script and specify the path to your Oracle Home where the Control Center Service of OWB is running.

I ran the reset_owbcc_home.sql script, when prompted I entered the path, started the Repository Assistant for the install, and received additional error messages. For whatever reason, when running the script from the command prompt, the script did not like the way the path was entered. After a number of attempts, I finally was able to resolve this problem.

Using a text editor, I opened the reset_owbcc_home.sql file to examine the script. I noticed that the script has three entries in the BEGIN block of the script. Two of the entries are for Unix and the third entry is for Windows. I added a fourth entry for Windows which grants permissions to the rtrepos.properties file.

To resolve this error, I used the following process:

First, unlock the OWBSYS user account and assign a password.

Second, edit the reset_owbcc_home.sql script with the following entry and then save the file:


Third, run the Repository Assistant from the Design Center in Warehouse Builder.

Fourth, complete the screens with the appropriate responses. After you click Finish the install will begin.

When the installation is complete, you will receive a dialog box stating that Warehouse Builder was successfully installed.

A reason for not having the fourth Windows entry is that the Oracle Home for the Control Center Service or for OWB can be created differently by all individuals. Therefore, the path to my Oracle Home for OWB can be different from another person.